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Tax Return 2004- What will you be getting


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Saw this on another forum thought it would be fun to get one going here. its that time of year where some people will get back some $$$. Let the shopping commence


For me it will help pay for the following


Steel Batallian Bundle w/line of contact

Metal Arms and Prince of Persia

The rest is going to pay bills and some put aside for any trips that come up this year



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If no surprise expenses come up (I'm talking to you, central-air unit!), then I'm going to use my refund to take the family on a kickass vacation this year. Don't know where yet, but Orlando is not out of the question.


Also, going to try to take my wife on an "Anniversary gift" trip. May 6th will mark our 15th wedding Anniversary!



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Savings (I did open a Roth IRA with this year's return).

A DVD box set or 3 (Jeremiah,DS9,CSI,The Shield, & the 2nd season of Star Blazers)


We are thinking of getting also,something from the following list:

  • Mid-range digital still camera
  • A baseline PC (non-current gaming)
  • Playstation 2 (mine has just about had it - don't think I can hold out till E3)
  • Portable DVD player (ours is dead - I'd like a quality backup)
  • HD TV (unlikely - unless something major happens)

Last,but certainly not least - is a wedding we need to plan... :)

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Once upon a time, our tax refunds went towards things like trips to Vegas or Disney, home theater gear, and computers. Now, though, it is going to new windows and possibly re-doing the bathroom. Ugh, what happened to us? :(


Oh I remember now, we bought a money pit. :P


(Incidentally, may I just say that having a baby is not the worst thing you can do as far as tax refunds go...especially when you forget to modify your witholding to reflect the additional dependant! Add in the fact that we are in the second year of a mortgage and thus are paying monster amounts of (deductible) interest, and, well, Unky Sam will be good to us this year. Too bad it is quite literally going out the windows this year. :))

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Originally posted by dogbert@Feb 1 2004, 12:06 PM

Um... Nothing. My refund, if any, is likely to be a few hundred dollars that will go towards our credit card. I don't like giving out interest free loans :)

i don't like the risk of having to shell out money at this time of year :)

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I don't like giving out interest free loans


I understand that line of thinking but dont adhere to it. I understand the government is holding your money but I like the concept of getting a lump sum check, its like "found money" that you dont feel guilty blowing on a purchase of a big ticket item.

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I haven't even gotten my W2 yet, which I think is illegal (aren't you supposed to have it by Jan 31st?). So I don't know how much I'm getting back.



W2's must be mailed out by Jan. 31st. I dropped off my tax papers to my accountant last week. Hopefully I'll have my refund soon.



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