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Xbox Live Newbie


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Hey guys,

I am finally hooked up to the fast lane. Just got Charter Pipeline yesterday and have it all hooked up today, even a brand spanking new Live account. Didn't think I'd ever make it here.


So basicaly I've never played anyone on Xbox Live and have no clue how to approach it. I've been lurking on this forum since October (or there-a-bouts) and just recently became a posting member. So I was hoping you guys could help me out. I only have three Live supported game (I think, it never concerned me before): PGR2, ESPN Football, and Unreal Tournament (oh yeah, MechAssault came in the bundle). I'd like to pick up a couple more. I'm thinking Rainbow 6 Three, and either Links or Top Spin. What do you guys think? What gets the most play?


I've been playing PGR2 for a while but still suck. I've only played one game of ESPN, and I haven't played UT in quite some time. Haven't even put MechAssault in the Box yet. So if anyone wants to kick my ass at any of these games, let me know.


Until my new computer gets here (girlfriends dad bought us a Dell) I have to unplug the computer to plug the Xbox into the HighSpeed, so it takes a minute. I don't have my router hooked up yet :(


Thanks a bunch, and if this post is in the wrong place, please let me know. I wasn't sure if it should be here or in the Live forum.


And if I seem to be rambling, I've had a few beers, so have patients with the drunk :green:

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Rainbow Six 3, great game. Highly recommended.


Between Top Spin and Links, I would definitely go with Links. I find it a much better single player game than Top Spin and the online tournaments are much easier to complete because you don't have to schedule a match with another player. You can just go online and knock out a round or two any time you please. Lag has yet to be an issue for me in Links, but Top Spin frustrated me many times when I felt I've missed shots because of it. Links also offers custom soundtracks - Top Spin does not - and Links looks a whole lot better than Top Spin on a widescreen TV - if that is a concern for you.


This is the correct forum for this topic. Xbox Live is only for scheduling play times.

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