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Links Auto Update is now available


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Here's the list:


Fix Dirty Disc Error seen after playing on-line then immediately playing career mode and completing a tournament event.


Fix to allow non-autoupdated Links 2004 to play with autoupdated Links 2004 via System-Link. While a very small customer scenario, it can come up.


Fix career skills exploit when turning off Xbox at rewards screen. Note: people who have used this exploit will have their skill points gained through this exploit removed from their point list. Any legit money earned is returned to the players bank account to respend. We debated hard on how to solve this issue. I think we have a fair solution.


Fix Live! and XSN Sports Pin Positions not being identical for all players. Now in all rounds, whether Solo played, or together, everyone will have the same exact pin locations


Fix Live! and XSN Sports not being placed at the correct tees for your rounds in certain cases. This was a rare case, only on certain courses with specific tee settings.


Fix to allow balls to be hit out of rocks or trees if they come to rest inside of one. We turned off collisions inside of rocks and trees. This should make it much more difficult to end up in one (most common case was a ball rolling under the lip of a rock that was not planted fully into the terrain) and in the cases a person is in one, they can hit out instead of having it bounce around.


Fix Game Freeze if system date has changed between log off then log onto Live!


Fix Premium Content Download of Kapalua. 5 holes, including the 18th were not using Championship tees. Now on the 18th hole you are >600 yards away from the tee (our computation is using straight line, so it reads 601yds I believe).


Fix Live! leaderboard stats being cleared or corrupted during heavy load.


Fix XSN Sports data package posting issues during heavy load.


Added rumble to controller when users join the lobby when hosting a Live! game. Now if you create a game, and are waiting for people to join, you can switch your TV to the news and when someone joins, your controller will rumble. You can then switch back from the news to start the game. Controller will also rumble in the lobby if the host leaves and host-duties migrate to another Xbox.

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Originally posted by FreakTornado@Feb 2 2004, 06:21 PM

Thanks guys,


Has there been any mention of the problem a few (including me) have had where the player is suddenly unable to use their power-swing?

I find that when this happens to me, that unplugging the control at the quick-disconnect and plugging it back in corrects this most of the time. YMMV.

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I just played a round in the tourney and still my stats havent updated after about 45 minutes.


Is anyone else still having issues with XSN?


Based on the XBox Live forums, most users were reporting XSN issues had been resolved last week before the patch even came out, so I am starting to wonder if my network setup may be to blame. I do get the message that says stats have been uploaded successfully, but have not had them actually post for a couple weeks now...



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