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Shenmue III to include first two


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From shenmuedojo.net

Representatives at Sega-AM2 have just confirmed that news about Shenmue: Special Edition is to include Shenmue I, II and III. AM2 has decided that Shenmue III will be known as Shenmue III: Special Edition. The game has been decided to be developed in such as fashion due to the franchise being on the DC and Xbox. No pricing point has been confirmed or if it will be on seperate mediums (CDs). AM2 has edited the information on the homepage and it's English translation is below as follows:


"Approximately one-year and ten months since Shenmue II was released and we are gradually getting the development of Shenmue III moving! But, currently it has not been decided for any console. We would like to make a special edition of the game, which will include the rest of the storyline. If possible, we would like to have it start from Chapter 1 and develop it as Shenmue III: Special Edition. A Special Edition of long-awaited Shenmue III. (Shenmue LOVE ?)"


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Guest MrDarthVader



I would LOVE to have a subtitled copy of Shenmue I in Japanese and they could fix the slowdown problems too.


Is Shenmue III gonna wrap-up the series for good? No more adventures w/ Ryo Hazuki? I guess I should be glad for what I have... but I could play 100 Shenmue games... seriously.... :)

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Well, apparently the translator was a real asshat. What was really stated is this:

What I want Sega to do,

It's been a year and ten months since the release of Shenmue II and I think it's about time that they began development on Shenmue III!!! But we haven't heard any news about it.(cry) So I think they should let us know how far they have gone with the development. If possible I would like them to include chapter 1 in shenmue III. Please let us know about the future of Shenmue. Shenmue-LOVE


Though it does seem as if the third is in development.

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I could never get into Shenmue, I found it boring.


A sentiment that many share but I'm honestly interested in what parts of the game you found boring War? Just dialogue? Structure? Just the tasks the game has you do? I'm in all seriousness interested. Please elaborate..We dont bite....much :wink:

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A sentiment that many share but I'm honestly interested in what parts of the game you found boring War? Just dialogue? Structure? Just the tasks the game has you do? I'm in all seriousness interested.

Well, this wasn't addressed to me, but I'll share my thoughts.

This is only in reference to Shenmue, never played Shenmue II.

You could talk to anyone you wanted to, as advertised, but it seemed that unless you were supposed to be talking to them you would only get an answer along the lines of "I don't have time to talk to you right now." You were artificially limited as to where you could go. You couldn't leave the little town you lived in until you fulfilled certain objectives. The Quick Time Events (QTE) I believe they were called were nothing more than Dragon's Lair with nice graphics; and to be honest, I loved Dragon's Lair for its time, but that kind of gameplay just isn't novel anymore. You could pick up all kinds of things in stores, but most of it seemed like junk. Well, ok, so that's just realistic.:wink: The combat system was very uninspired to my mind. I didn't enjoy it a bit. All that was offset for me by the nice graphics and interesting story...until Shenmue became "Fork Lift Simulator 1.0" towards the end. Driving a fork life around the docks was enough to kill the game for me.

I admired what Yu Suzuki was trying to accomplish, but the virtual world he was trying to create just rang hollow to me. I don't know if that was improved upon in Shenmue II. Perhaps others could answer that.

Oh, and for God's sake is it so hard to include the original language version of the game with subtitles?

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I agree with pretty much everything marsrunner said. The combat for me was lacking. I didn't enjoy practicing my moves in a playground just to get better at them. I just could never get hooked on it like other games. Its been a couple of years since I played it, but I just couldn't get into it for some reason. I found it too tedious to run around trying to find the right person to talk to. :(

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I'd like to add some Shenmue I & II comments. The first one had me hooked. I played through to the end. The 2nd one, while a good game, hasn't hooked me like the first. I'm about halfway through it, and will continue again at some point.


The thing that bothers me the most is the jobs. I actually loved the fork lift jobs from the first game, but moving stupid boxes with left, left, left commands is tiresome and boring. And working in the gambling stands sucks as well. Maybe there are better jobs later in the game, I don't know.


Also, I don't like that I can not go to an empty playground to practice my moves. Instead, I must find the old man in the park and fight him for a specified time... not crazy about that. If I want to practice a special move for an hour, I can not (not that I would, but I could have in the 1st).


Hopefully these will be ironed out in III.

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