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Desert Island Games


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No forum is complete without the obligatory Desert Island topic.


You know the drill--You are to be stranded on a desert Island, only this time you have all the consoles and an infinite power supply.


So in between using sports equipment to either perform oral surgery or carry on conversations, you can get your game on!


But here's the catch:

You only get to bring 3 games! So what are they?


(no future releases, please. I mean, that would be absurd, really.)



For me:


1. Halo. Can't get enough of this game. The single player campaign is challenging enough to keep me occupied for months or years. Plus there's all kinds of wacky things you can do like stacking the grenades under the warthog or killing Keyes at the beginning and trying to survive the level.


2. Super Smash Brothers Melee. I'm reasonably confident that I can kick the that smarmy little volleyball's ass up and down the Island! Actually, the single-player game is pretty fun too. I've always wanted to win all the event matches, but have never been able to.


3. This is a toughy, and I reserve the right to change it if someone suggest something better, but I'm going to go with SSX3. Really Fun game, and one I believe I would enjoy playing over and over. Plus, it's expansive enought to stay busy, and the escapism of skiing would be really therapeutic on a desert island.


Oh, and just for fun, you also get to bring a celebrity. Your current S-O is getting on with her/his life, so you can't pick her/him.


I'm bringing Natalie Portman. We could have some great conversation!



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OK, firstly I'm definitely picking Super Monkey Ball. That just never gets old, and I think I might finally crack Expert 20 onwards if I had all that time to myself.


Secondly, I'd choose Grand Theft Auto, the original one (preferably in its PC format, as the graphics are nicest there). I still like the game a lot, and its one big downside compared to its sequels, the need to play for a good hour or two before you reach the next save point, shouldn't be an issue out there. Plus I find it a lot more replayable than the over-the-shoulder sequels, as in those once you've done a mission the only time you'll ever see it again is if you go right back through the game (or a save point), while the "re-do the whole level" approach makes for better practice.


Finally, its got to be Super Mario 64. You just know its the best 3D platformer ever, and the game is still worth replaying to try new things.


As for celebrities, I value my survival and escape over extra-marital jollies, so I want to take Ray Mears...

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Championship Manager 4, the best "soccer" management simulation out there, superb level of detail & realism, I could run a 20 league sim & never get bored.


Civilization 2, yes, 2 instead of the latest & greatest, as I get on better with it. I could pretend to conquer the world. Again.


Now, for my third option, I'd love to cheat & say VisualC++ instead of a game, but I'll play by the rules....


Tetris, boringly obvious, I know, but still endlessly replayable.


And for my celeb, it'd have to be Jessica Simpson for endless, deep, meaningful conversation about tuna. I suspect I'd choose Scarlet Johannsenn (sp) instead though ;)

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GTA3 - I love the original, but 3 is just so much more replayable to me. I can go on crime sprees for hours. :)


WWE: Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain - I love the single player to no end and since I will have a celeb with me on the island, that means multiplayer. :)


Tetris: Again, very replayable, and again multiplayer with my celeb. :)


Like Brian, my celeb would be Jessica Simpson. That body and those brains, the pleasure and entertainment factor would be quite high. Oh, and she could sing to me on occasion as well. :)



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Only THREE games? Oh what cruel torture!!

Okay I guess this is what I would take, if I was to be whisked away right now and could only grab off three...


1.) Animal Crossing (GC) - Why? Because I can sit for hours and play it and never get bored. That's reason enough for me. Stick me in front of this game and hours just melt away.


2.) Solomon's Key (NES) - Hey, its been my friend for years and years now. Its the puzzle game where there seems to be no end to the things you can find. I've played through it literally hundreds of times and we still seem to find something new...


3.) Diablo 2 (PC) - So I thought about this one for awhile. There's alot of games I can't fathom being without ever again, such as Final Fantasy III (US), Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete (preferably), Dragon Force, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night...but while I may love them the only game (besides probably Solomon's Key) that I can play over and over into infinity is DIABLO 2. With or without expansion pack. Yep the game is that good and that loved.


Now as for a "celebrity"... I'd pick Tobias Sammet, the singer for Edguy. Why? Because he's cute, available and can sing.

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1) Battlefield 1942 (multi-player),... :green: !


2) ESPN Football,... I'd also like to play out a dynasty, Patriots of course. (But since I don't have time to actually do this, I'll just watch it unfold in real life.) ;)


3) Rally Sport Challenge (with my wheel and pedals)- I'd finally be able to master this game well enough to actually advance past the first few stages. :?

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Originally posted by JTello@Feb 3 2004, 09:31 AM

1) Battlefield 1942 (multi-player),... :green: !


No fair, then you'd be able to call for help!


Seriously, don't you think it is absurd to expect online multiplayer on a desert Island with all the consoles and an infinite power supply. I mean, honestly Man!


Rally Sport Challenge (with my wheel and pedals)-


And now he wants Periphals too! *throws hands up*


And oh yeah, some of you forgot your Celebrity.

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There's "available" and "available to go spend an indefinite time on a desert island with a complete stranger", though...


Hey its better than Jessica Simpson who doesn't know the difference between cans of tuna fish and chicken :P


No matter what celebrity you pick its gonna be a complete stranger and Tobi probably wouldn't mind as long as he could write his rock operas there. heh.


Atleast I would never have to deal with Subspace again, that's all my S/O plays is Subspace. All day, every day, for hours upon hours. It boggles the mind.

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True; I'm just surprised I'm the only one who seems to want off the place, however.


Actually, I wonder if a Taiko No Tatsujin drum can be had big enough to use as a boat? Mind you, it would probably be easier to ask for something on the NGage, and then call the coastguard.

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OK, I'll replace BF1942 with Animal Crossing! I've never played it but I know I'd really enjoy such a game.


But I'm keeping my steering wheel. :twisted:


And Celebrity,... Mmmm, It be fun to chill out with The Huntress, Ashley Scott




Of course Carlos will probably complain that she'd save me from being stuck on the island, being a super hero and all. ;)

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1) Rez ? I've always thought of Rez as a "Desert Island Game". I could play that game forever. I wouldn't need the other two, but for the fun of it...


2) Morrowind ? maybe I could finally finish it if I had all the time in the world. Maybe a couple of times.


3) Halo ? I figure that by the time I escape from the island they'll finally have Halo 2 ready for release, so I ought to be honing my skills.


What celebrity to take... hmm... Johnny Depp escaped from an island twice in Pirates, so he might be a good one, but I think I'll also have to succumb to the 'who looks better in a bikini' factor and go with... oh, Jennifer Connelly I guess.

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So naturally when someone mentions a beautiful women's name I've never heard I must investigate further,... so here for your enjoyment is what I found on Keira Knightly,..................










OK, next LCVG upgrade must include a drooling icon. :D


I actually had a better picture (she looked more buff than anorexic), but it wouldn't link. See imdb.com if your interested.

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Originally posted by Robot Monkey+Feb 3 2004, 12:06 PM--></div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (Robot Monkey @ Feb 3 2004, 12:06 PM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> <!--QuoteBegin-Chris@Feb 3 2004, 12:40 PM

OK, I want to change my answer...

Yeah, it's hard to pass up Roller Coaster Tycoon, isn't it?


-j [/b]


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1. Links 2004

2. College Football's National Championship

3. Rainbow Six 3


And my celebrity companion would be Dido. If I ever got tired of looking at her (not likely), I could close my eyes and ask her to sing to me...

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