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Why postdate videogames?

Bruce B

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I was just looking at some upcoming baseball titles and was wondering why they have to title the game "All Star Baseball 2005"? Is the game so revolutionary that its a year ahead of itself? Is it a matter of one upsmanship where if a title comes out first that they are afraid to call it 2004 in case someone calls theirs 2005 and then everyone thinks the 2004 is last years game? Sorry to be nitpicky, just a pet peeve.

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Overheard at a developer's convention:


"Our next baseball is going to be Baseball 2005."


"Oh yeah, well we're coming out with baseball 2006."


"Oh yeah, well ours is going to be Baseball infinity!"


"Oh yeah, well ours is going to be Baseball infinitiy plus 1!"


"Oh yeah, well ours is going to be Baseball infinity plus infinity!"


"Infinity times infinity"


"Infinity raised to the infinity power"



Can you guys tell I have young kids?



Seriously, it's all about sounding more contemporary, even if that means going into the future to do it. And once one game announced their title postdated, the others would be crazy not to follow suit. Remember, these are kids they are selling to.

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