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Hello everyone,


This message is for all the mods and operators of these forums and LCVG.com. I wasn't sure how or to whom I should address this question, but I decided against e-mailing or PM'ing everyone who I thought might have some say in the matter. I hope you don't mind my posting my question here.


To get right to the point, I am interested in writing for LCVG.com when the site launches. I would love to be part of the creative team and I really believe I could make a positive contribution to the site. I have a degree in journalism and have experience writing as the managing editor of my university newspaper. I currently am employed at the Associated Press in a non-editorial position. I can provide samples of my writing if you are interested.


If someone would like to e-mail or PM me to discuss this possibility further, I would love to talk about it in more detail. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I'll be looking forward to hearing from someone soon.




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That would be me my friend ;) . All the owners split the responsbilities as much as possible but my main job is features and review content (though again all owners have say). There will be more information coming concerning writing for the site close to launch (especially reviews which I will be putting in a call/contest for writers to join the staff.). If you are interested you can email me at romier@lcvg.com and let me know what it is you are interested in writing. We can talk more at that point about what kind of content you want to do. All the owners will take a look at any submissions before any kind of approval is made of course as we would all like to keep one another in the loop before making big decisions.


Email me when you feel you are able and we can talk more.

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