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Best Superbowl Commercial


Best Superbowl commercial?  

  1. 1. Best Superbowl commercial?

    • The donkey's tryout for the Budweiser Clydesdales
    • The farting horse (Budweiser)
    • The dog "fetching" a beer (Budweiser)
    • The elderly couple fighting over the bag of chips
    • The American Chopper family's Evil Kneivel stunt (AOL)
    • Slam Dunk Truck (7-Up)
    • Jimi Hendrix (Pepsi)
    • The banned factory-working children ad (MoveOn.org)
    • Cedric The Entertainer accidentally goes into Room 4 (Budweiser)
    • Other

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Originally posted by gwhinwi@Feb 3 2004, 05:21 PM

I'll be the first Moveon.org voter.


I loved the whole process of the creation of the ad, and the fact that it was made by average people makes it that much better.



I missed it, but I did go to their site a couple weeks ago and watch some of the others, I'll have to see if they have that one available.

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