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Silent Hill 3 (Spoilers)

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I thought I'd do a new thread as we begin to move into discuss the game itself. Last night I fired up the PS2. My poor old PS2 had been gathering dust for months and I hadn't really touched it all year. The last games I bought were Vice City and the Two Towers back when they were released.


As I said in my post in the other thread, my s-video cable died so I had to stick to fuzzy old composite last night. To my shock, it wasn't that bad at all, just a wee bit fuzzy around red text. I plugged in headphones to play the game.


Firstly, the PAL version has a 60hz option which is lovely. I was very pleased to see this. The video intro that leads into the menu (and subsequently plays again if the menu is left idle) kind of surprised me as it shows a lot of in game cut scene bits, including some of the beasties. I recommend you skip letting this play out before your eyes.


The main menu itself is your usual affair. You can toggle most things; sound effects, music, control, brightness, screen position....etc.....etc The options section is good, though there is no on screen indication (to my knowledge) that there is a page II. The manual states hitting R1 will flip to the extra options screen, and that's true. The extra options screen let's you set the colour of blood, and the level of blood. I left the colour on normal, and ramped the level up to the highest option. You can also toggle the screen noise level (I switched it off). You're free to mess with the options whilst in the game too.


Starting a new game presents selection for the difficulty level not only for the overall game, but for the riddles too. I went for normal on both to begin with.


I'm quite glad I went for playing the game with headphones as I won't deny that only ten minutes into the game it begins to freak you out somewhat. Playing it at gone midnight also added to the fun last night. I'd chosen the 2D control set up as Romier had stated he preferred it having played the released Silent Hill 3 demo. It's a good system I agree.


The start of the game is somewhat of a red herring. I probably should not go much further than that in describing how it all begins. It's a cute little trick though. It "begins" with you in an abandoned fair ground. The visuals are immediately striking, thick layers of realistic fog hang over the grounds and the lighting effects are just outstanding. This is truly one of the PS2s finest looking games. Costumes of of fluffy rabbits, the fair ground mascots no doubt, lay strewn about the ground, specks of bloody splashed here and there. Is there anyone in the costume? Well, you're too scared to find out so wake up, stop messing about and get on with more important things.


The attention is soon turned to a busy, average looking shopping mall. This detective is hounding you. You'll have none of his nonsense thank you, and you're seen to head into the rest room (this is all a cut scene). Control returns to you once in the bathroom, and this is possibly the worth looking women?s rest room in history. It is perhaps fair to say that it competes nicely with the one from Trainspotting. The first save point is in here. You don't need anything to carry out a save, just gaze at this strange 12 Monkeys like red logo and you're in.


You won't go out of the rest room because that detective is still hanging around, so head out the window. From here, it's safe to say you're in crazy land. I ran down the alley behind the Mall and took the only door available to me. Things were quiet, I walked about a bit and found my way back into a section of the shopping centre. Lights were off, but eeep, I could still here these odd voices. One light to a clothes store is still on, the security shutter is half way down. Dare you go on? Meh, sure..... why not.


On the floor in the store is a hand gun. Naturally being the sweet little innocent teenage girl that you are, you pick it up then "OH MY GOD WHAT IN THE HELL IS THAT!!!!!!" fever sets in almost immediately, albeit in cut scene form. I shant reveal what kind of a beastie it is, nor what it was feeding of off. Exploring the store you'll find some ammo as you will in any good clothes outlet, and it's best to take the back door out of there. A nice graphical touch is you can step in a pool of blood and cast bloody footprints about a room for a little while.


I crossed paths with some horrible mutated dogs here and there, and I soon ended up in another dark closed off employee's section of this mall and I could hear something making a horrific noise and slithering down the hallway nearby. By this point, with headphones on, I was suitably getting a bit on edge, and that's no word of a lie. Lights out, around half past midnight now, headphones on making the experience privately immersive, things were really getting eerie.



This thing moaning as it went down the hallway? Horrible, just horrible. It's like a fully grown young man with no arms and no facial features of any kind, just a blank face save for the veins and the patches of blood. By no arms, I don't mean they were hacked off either, they're just..... not there! Two legs, a chest and a head all wrapped in a single layer of skin. This thing was just horrible..... In true Monty Python form, I ran away. Later, I would be faced by a dozen of these bastards.


So thus far, I am working my way through this abandoned mall of death. I've met one specific character who I shant name to due to spoiler reasons, solved a riddle here, a riddle there, and met with more monsters.


Am I liking the game? I'm loving it! I never played the second game, but had the first on the Playstation. I didn't complete it, I'm rubbish at games of course I didn't complete it, but I did enjoy it a great deal more than any resident evil game, and such feeling still holds true with the third outing. There's just more to the atmosphere and design in the Silent Hills that I really like, and 3 seems to take things to the highest level yet. Some of the stuff in the game is surely from a warped mind. The disc fires up with the obliigatory warning that the content may disturb, but goes as far as to warn that so of it may even be deemed "cruel"....


I'll update as I go along, leaving my progress to continue every night once the sun goes down (there's really just no other way to play it). Sadly, I am away tonight so won't be getting any time in, but tomorrow I shall pick up where I left off (trapped in a blood soaked basement area if you must know).



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Excellent impressions Dan. Glad to hear that your enjoying the game.


I agree about the 2d controls. Interestingly the 3d controls never bothered me in 2 but 3 requires a bit more mobility than the second game so the 2d controls just seem to fit better.


Remember to read that ploy analysis I sent you on part 1 before playing all the way through. You'll be happy you did:).


So will this get you out in the market to pick up part 2? You should :D

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  • 2 weeks later...

So Dan, update the situation my friend.


How far have you moved into the game? New experiences? Is it as terrifying as Im hoping?:).


Spill the dirt. Im also very curious on the legth of the game as some reports Ive heard have the game at around 4 hours the first time through (which is uncharacteristically short for the SH series)...

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Finally it sits next to me. Staring and teasing me with its dark cover and evil intentions.


I have to sit here ALLLLL day until 11:30 to get the hell out of work before I'm able to renter the world of Silent Hill.


For lack of a better adjective....THIS BITES!

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I should be on my third pair of underwear by the time you get it started


Yeah thats true. There are advantages though. I dont work tommorrow until 2pm so I have all night to play:).


Also I noticed on the back of the instruction manual is an ad for Castlevania Lament of Innocence, along with the gorgeus cover art!


Check your PM too Kelley.

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Think the PS2 is going to get hooked up in the living room for this one!


Apparently there is a "Display mode" option in the options menu. Anyone verify if the game is possibly Widescreen?


I'm digging the soundtrack


The soundtrack is just fantastic. Like it even more than the second games. "Letter- from the lost days" , "Dance with Night Wind" and "I want love (Studio mix)" are my favorites.

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Certainly no widescreen option on the PAL version. I'm putting some time in on the game in just a few moments after I log off. I've still not managed to touch it since that night I first dropped the disc into my Playstation2 a few weeks ago. I need to do so now that you will all overtake me and start talking spoilers. :)


I definately recommend head phones or Pro Logic II for this game. Plus you know, total darkness.... :)



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