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Quality Time With Wolfenstein and RuFfNeCk

Chris F

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Well folks, the week is winding down, and I can start hosting some servers for us.


Now, Friday night is out for me, since I'm going to see The Matrix Reloaded, and won't be home to set anything up. BUT Thursday night and Saturday night, I'd be up for some quality gaming time.


Now I don't know what the usual game is for Thursday night, but let me know what you guys think, and if enough people want, I'll do some Wolf action for us Thursday night. And Saturday is a definite game night as well.


Also, don't forget! Next week is MotoGP2! You can bet I'll be up for some of that action as well!

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Ok, well - At 9PM I'll setup a game of Wolfenstein for you guys. But only if it doesn't cut into your MechAssault playing time.


If you can do me a favor Joey, and just update the thread I started yesterday over there at the HTF (I can't access the HTF from my job) let them know I'll be setting a game up at 9PM EST.

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As a quick addendum:


Tonight I will be trying the Wolf server as a DEDICATED server. Since I will most likely not be home to play.


I'm going to check out the server settings when I get home from work, and I'll let everyone know what to do to connect. If it doesn't look like it'll be good to do a dedicated instead of a regular, I'll set up a regular server for us all instead.


I'll post updates in this thread and over at the HTF to appraise you guys of what's up for tonight.

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ATTN: All Thursday Night Wolf Players!


Game time : ETA 8PM EST!


**Update 1**


So hosting a dedicated server isn't any different than when I host a regular game, minus the fact I can't play. So basically what that means is, I'll set up the server for you guys from 8PM EST to 11 PM EST.


I will have to invite whoever I see on my friends list to the game. You will NOT just be able to join via password or such. I do not want to make a public server as to keep the general Xbox Live riff-raff out. I will be home the whole time, and I will check my friends list every 15 minutes to a half hour, inviting whoever I see online to the game.


If you happen to not get an invite, wait a few minutes, then invite me to a game. I will see that invite on my friends list, and I'll know that I should invite you into the game. The same holds for anyone who may get kicked offline or lose connectivity or whatever.


Voting will be enabled so if a map change is necessary, please pay attention as to if a vote is going on and vote appropriately.


Friendly fire will be on as well, and as a treat, I'm lengthening the warmup time to 35 seconds as opposed to 20. Have fun killing each other! :D


Other than that, I'll have it all up and running at 8PM EST sharp. Invites will be sent out after that.

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I hope everything went smoothly for those of you who joined up tonight. I had fun watching TV and bouncing back and forth inviting everyone.


For those of you who I couldn't invite, I apologize. I had a full 16 players straight through the evening. I invited whoever I could when spots opened up. Again, I apologize.


Probably going to do it again on Saturday night, since I'm going to see The Matrix tomorrow night, and won't be online until late.


Hope you guys had a good time. On Saturday I'll be playing alongside most of you, so I'll have an airstrike ready for all of you. :D

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