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Favorite Old School Console System?


What is you favorite old-school gaming system?  

  1. 1. What is you favorite old-school gaming system?

    • Atari 2600 VCS
    • Atari 5200
    • Colecovision by Coleco
    • Mattel's Intellivision
    • Magnavox's Odyssey 2
    • Bally's Astrocade
    • GCE Vectrex
    • Fairchild Channel F
    • Other (which one?)
    • I've never played/owned any of them

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I mean really old-school - pre NES. Many of us cut our gaming teeth on these systems. So which is it?


For me,it is the Mattel Intellivision. With all the cool two-player games in the action & sports genres,my love for the shiny golden system still exists today. Utopia is still a great game today!

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I voted for the 2600. While I didn't own one when they were straight-up heat, (I bought one with a ton of games from a friend a few years ago in high school) other kids in the 'hood had one. Pitfall, Keystone Capers, all fun games. The game with Journey in it is a "classic." I still have it but haven't hooked it up in a while.

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I voted for the Intellivision. Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: Cloudy Mountain would have been enough reason for me to vote the system alone. This game was (and still is) awesome. Dragonfire, Night Stalker, B-17 Bomber, even Pitfall... my parents and I also spent many hours with Tron Deadly Discs and Vectron. My mother even "beat" Vectron I believe - I kind of remember some kind of ending with lots of rainbow colored stuff. Wow that was a long time ago. The last game we really played for the system was Thunder Castle, which I remember buying at a Toys R Us well after the Intellivision had bit the dust. Alot of fond memories are attached to this system, and of course the Atari 2600 as well. There's nothing quite like "old skool" :)

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2600 without a doubt for me. My father even pre-ordered the thing. I remember that first night of playing every single variation of Combat, and I kicked ass at the dogfighting games, especially the one where you get three planes in formation. Also loved Indy 500 on that system.

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