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Game Difficulty Settings


How do you like your difficulty setting?  

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  1. 1. How do you like your difficulty setting?

    • "Normal" is fine for me
    • I start with "Easy" to get the feel for it, then move on to "Normal"
    • I set my game to the hardest difficulty right off the bat
    • Once I beat it on normal, I usually try the harder setting
    • I only try the harder difficulty settings if there's a better ending

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I'm a "normal" guy. Having additional difficulty settings is usually not enough of an incentive for me to attempt the game again after beating it on "normal".


I usually only attempt to beat the game on a more difficult setting if I really love it and have mastered the normal game, which is why I'm trying Halo on Legendary now.


Plus, Halo has an extra scene if you beat it on Legendary. I know, I could watch it on the internet, but I want the frustration, er, satisfaction!

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I always make the assumption that the Developers intended their work to be experienced in the "normal" difficulty. This is where they found the best balance between challenge and accessibility, and this is the setting where none of the balance has been skewed to either direction.


I always play on Normal.

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C'mon I thought you guys were hardcore gamers.... What happened??? I must admit you guys are soft for ADULTS and what not :lmfao: Don't mean to brag but I usually start my games off on HARD, and if their is a EXPERT or something higher than HARD I usually play the game on hard on the first level until I get a hold of the control and then I play on the other setting.... Though I do this on rare occassions, the fact is that I do it! HALO I beat on the level right before LEGENDARY then I went on to beating it a couple of times on LEGENDARY! :green: Didn't want to brag but c'mon seriously I thought you guys were on a killing spree! I guess wrong! :lmfao: :lmfao: :lmfao:

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Ok, this thread's got a pulse again.  <<<<<


I think I'm going to be an "easy" gamer from now on.  Knowing that I haven't had much patience with games, and knowing that my (already lacking) skills have waned even more, I started KZ:ShadowFall on "Easy", and have found it to be enjoyable.  There's no use heaping abuse upon myself, rendering the game frustrating and ill-paced. 


Anyone else moving to the geriatric ward of gaming?


Now if I could only figure out how to quit getting lost on the large maps. 

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I think my habits have gone largely unchanged since this poll was started.  Most of the time, I play games on normal difficulty.  If it's a series I'm good at or know very well, I usually default to hard.  Some series that I play on hard are God of War, Uncharted, and Halo.  I also played the reboot of Tomb Raider this year on hard for some reason.

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