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Konami Collector's Series

Guest Bryan

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Wanna let us know how the emulation is? I know our EB has them here for $15, which is roughly equivalent, though with our currency gaining those jokes will not be current soon :P.


You could do a whole series on what great budget titles are out for PC right now. Freedom Force is available for a pittance, same with System Shock 2, Deus Ex (Game of the Year Edition no less), both Thief games, and the original Crimson Skies.


I picked up Crimson Skies last night for a hoot and it's a great bit of fun. I am a trash pilot, but a damn good laugh for $15.

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Yeah, I have a little budget gaming run planned when I get paid on Friday, I'm going to grab Deus Ex, Thief 2, and Homeworld: GOTY edition.


Anybody who doesn't mind the old graphics, I heartily recommend the Thief series. See the original stealth game in action ;).

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You know, Im still trying to find a complete full version of System Shock 2. I won 2 ebay auctions on it and never got a contact back from the sellers (UGH). My original copy was cracked and I've been in the worst mood to play the game. (There is also a high definition downloadable pack that really bumps the graphics quality in the game!).


Mark there is a also a high definition pack for the original Thief as well. (all fan made mind you but they are of excellent quality).


I''ll see if I can dig through my links and find it for you...

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Wow, is it really that hard to find System Shock 2 in your area Romier? Our EB's here have shelves of them for about $10 Canadian :P. There's a high def pack? Damn, SS2 wasn't exactly shabby to begin with. I wish I didn't have my current service provider (my university) since their high-end firewall procludes me from trying out the co-op mode they programmed.


I'd love the Thief pack if you can find it, Romier. I still have to get my copy back from my friend though before he moves, he has both my Thief Gold and Freespace 2, d'oh. I tell you, bargain gaming section for the site, think about it ;).

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So buy me a copy and send it to me and Ill send you the cash


Ha, can do, if you're serious. I'll pick it up this weekend once I get my cash in from work.


Oh, oops, that's also provisional on our postal service not going on strike, which could happen by, uh, tomorrow ;). This looks like a job for Buck Henderson, Union Buster!

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Ha, can do, if you're serious


Im definitely serious. Let me know whats up with the postal and what not and I'll get the cash to you ASAP. I've got a good 40+ transactions on Ebay and Daniel Brecher will attest to my goodness in trades and what not in case you need references Mark :lol:

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