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How many games did you play in 2003?


Of the console games that came out in 2003, how many did you try out?  

  1. 1. Of the console games that came out in 2003, how many did you try out?

    • Less than 10
    • 10 to 20
    • 21 to 30
    • 31 to 40
    • 41 to 50
    • 51 to 100
    • more than 100

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While choosing my nominees in the awards thread, it suddenly dawned on me that I didn't really try a lot of new games in 2003, out of the hundreds that came out.


So share with us you estimate of the number of games you tried -- whether you purchased it, rented it, borrowed it, tried at a friend's house, or whatever.


(If you played it on display at Walmart or something for only a few minutes, you might not want to count that, but use your best judgement)


I'll say I only tried a grand total of 30 games last year, which I know will be quite low compared to some of you.



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Hmmm. I would say the majority of the games in my collection were purchased this year, as evidenced by the explosion of my games library since I started my new bob in January 2003.


Therefore, I'll go with ~50-100...


Oh yeah, and of that # of games, I have beaten.... None. :(

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I think I'm in the 31-40 category, but I would really have to go over my list to know for sure.


There were so many games that I picked up and didn't even play. Games that I purchased in 2003 that I finished? Well, both Metroid titles were finished last year. I think that might be it though.



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