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MechAssault 2

Chris F

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Thanks for the translation, Carlos. Battlearmor and clans look like great additions. One of the things that I didn't like about the first MA is the lack of points to customize mechs and armies like the tabletop game (and other tabletop games like Warhammer).


It seems to me that the point system was specifically designed to allow flexibility in customization of units and armies while ensuring play balance. They alluded to a system like this for the first MA, but apparently dropped the idea.


I, for one, would like the ability to spend points on unmanned turrets in a defend game, or mines or whatever. I'd also like the ability to set up, say, a 1,000 point contest. You have 1,000 points (or whatever) to set up your army any way you want and I'll do the same.


Customized mechs and even army loadouts could be stored on a game server somewhere to keep things moving (say, didn't we hear about this as a feature in XBL 3.0?). And certain kinds of customization can't be done in a lobby. That way you don't have to wait forever while some nut decides whether to swap out his Mad Cat's PPC for an SRM-2 or whatever.



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For those who dont get x-box magazine , go find the new issue. There is a big preview for mech assault 2 in there. A few highlights


Clan Support

Tanks, Mechs, Battle Armor , Flying vehicles and more

16 player multiplayer is planned at this time

The screen shots look awesome


Definatly one of the games im looking forward to later this year



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I just read the article! I have to say, they are doing EXACTLY what they needed to do to make me interested in the sequel. I found that the original was too shallow and mind-numbing. It seems like they're taking sidesteps toward a BF1942-style collaborative gameplay mechanics, in a MechAsault sort of way. I am very excited.


But let me say this. There is NO WAY this is coming out this year. History has shown that a game never comes out the same year it is announced. Half-life 2 was the first game that I thought would trump this trend, but we all know what happened there.

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I don't know. From reading the article, they already stated that the game is looking great and, already, running great. Then they go on to mention that it's not due out until fall of this year.


I think they'll make it. Fall's quite a ways off and, if the core mechanics of the game are already running well, I'd say that the developement team is pretty well on top of things instead of being behind the 8 ball, so to speak.

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Originally posted by dogbert@Feb 19 2004, 12:28 AM

History has shown that a game never comes out the same year it is announced.


Do you really want me to pick holes in that statement? :) Yes, key titles have been delayed past their original "year of release", but it's hardly a true axiom :)

I think Keith is actually referring to the idea that the big titles often get announced over a year before release, not that everything slips by 12 months.


I'd still quibble with that, too, however.

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