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Madden 2004 - Create-A-Team

Mark E

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Ok, I don't like football at all, but this create-a-team feature where you make an entire team, their stadium, their uniforms, and logo, then draft an entire roster of players for your new squad sounds hella-fun.


Does anybody know if this is going to be standard across all the EA Sports titles for '04? I'd pick up NHL 2004 in a heartbeat if I thought I could design my very own Newfoundland team ;).

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You're correct Dean, this is an extension of the feature in NCAA from last year, applied to the Madden franchise. I'm just hoping it spreads. I wasn't 100% on what the draft entailed, whether it was all new players or if everybody went back into a draft to be picked. Since you apparently have to toss out a professional team to put yours in, I assumed you could get existing players.


Either is fine though, I've garnered endless amusement from creating faux-Russian names for hockey players in prior NHL games. I am the type who gets endlessly amused by having a goalie called Nada Golgetzin.

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