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Full Spectrum Warrior delayed

Robot Monkey

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This is actually a bit of a relief for me. With extremely limited funds at the moment, and a veritable library of games to catch up on, it is nice to know that this game (which I am highly anticipating) is still a few months down the road. I may have some time to finish up some games I own and catch up on some titles I don't in the meantime.

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Originally posted by CaptDS9E@Feb 5 2004, 08:17 PM

Yeah im also glad its moved off a little bit. I also have a backlog of stuff to play plus Steel Batallion is coming as well

But then fall looks ugly with Full Spectrum Warrior, MechAssult 2 and Halo 2 just for starters. And Duke Nukem Forever, of course.



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around the time Romier posts the game awards. around never


Yeah well Romier decided to not post the game awards while there is a fairly active readership award thread going on that our resident Monkey is handling. You see he (being Romier AKA The Pebble) decided it was far more relevant to post LCVG's official awards when the reader awards have run thier course. Owners perogative and all that Joey ;) . Next time I'll make sure to make you privy to such changes, you being an owner and all. :green: :lmfao:

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