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Ever played Tank? Or Scorched Earth? Basically you're a character with weapons (In this case a Worm). You aim, judge for distance and wind, then let the weapons fly. You win when you've successfully killed the other Worm Army, or shot them all into the sea.


It's SO simple, but funny as hell, and so damn fun.

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That's a rather simplistic explanation, and one that misses the charm of worms somewhat.


Take Scorched Earth, change the characters to comedic, smart talking worms, give yourself a time limit to shoot, add in mupltiple worms on your team (usually around 4 or 5) randomly placed on the map with the ability to move by walking, jumping, teleporting, and using the infamous ninja rope.


Finally mix in some of the craziest weapons you can think of such as grenades, cluster bombs, bazookas, dynamite, shotguns, exploding bananas, sheep, flying sheep, old grannys, the Holy Hand Grenade (with a 3 second fuse of course), and a massive concrete donkey that destroys everything in it's path.


It's some of the best multiplayer gaming going.

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It also looks like it has some cool features like destructible environments.

Oh, it's got those. :)


I used to love just digging a deep ass hole in front of a worm, knocking them into it and then watching them try to get out, or fire out of the hole. It's gonna be a good time.


There was a PC demo released a few months ago. You may want to give it a try, just to see what it's like.

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