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UK bargains

paul h

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Just had to let you guys know, if you didnt already..


On play247.com:


Gamecube - Resident Evil Zero ?9.99 delivered

Gamecube - Mortal Kombat DA ?9.99 delivered

PS2 - Timesplitter2 ?9.99 delivered

PS2 - Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution ?9.99 delivered

PS2 - Hitman 2 ?9.99 delivered

PS2 - REZ ?12.99 delivered

PS2 - Twisted Metal Black ?9.99 delivered

PS2 - Headhunter ?9.99 delivered

PS2 - Wipeout Fusion ?9.99 delivered

PS2 - Smash Court Tennis ?9.99 delivered

PS2 - Red Faction 2 ?9.99 delivered

XBox - Hitman 2 ?9.99 delivered

XBox - XRGA ?9.99 delivered

XBox - Brute Force ?12.99 delivered

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Also, Gameplay.com have (had?) P.N.03 for ?16.99 on the GC, which is a bargain. Personally I'm busy catching up on all the underplayed stuff I got last year, but there are some real bargains here.


Anyone near a Choices Video could grab both Ford Racing 2 (which has a Live global highscore table) and Brian B's M:I game on the XBox for ?30 together, which has to be a bargain.

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