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Rarely finish a game?


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I know there's a lot of so-called gamers who rarely finish games, I'm one of them. And to be completely honest, it puzzles me that even games I like, games I really like, I still don't finish!


The way I usually describe it is that I get bored, but that sounds kind of elitist in a way. Like I'm above it all, and the game just wasn't good enough to keep me going. And you guys that finished the game are just easier to please.


I don't really believe that.


The most egregious example I can think of is Metroid Prime - I'm ashamed to say that I didn't get beyond 30% of this game, yet I really liked it. I think it's a brilliant game beautifully designed and nearly perfect...but for some reason my interest just petered out after only a few hours of play. I lost interest and moved on to something new...and I don't know why. It's not like I decided one day to stop playing it, but it was more like "I'd rather play this, instead--I'll go back to MP tomorrow" - only I never did.


And then there's that self-defeating idea that to jump back into it now, after months and months away, would mean that I would have forgotten all the strategies, maps and maneuvers and would be lost...so what's the point?


So do the rest of you 'non-finishers' relate to this, or am I more of a freak than I realized?

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Guilty as charged. Out of my entire collection of games, I've finished... One.


My exact reason: I buy more games than I can handle, and I spend WAY too much time on the internet, and not playing games. I always want to get the latest and greatest games, and then they fall by the wayside when the newer games come out.


Plu, I have the attention span of a turnip.

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Games have endings? :D


In all seriousness. I have only finished a few games completly in recent time. Splinter Cell, KOTOR, Shen-mue 1 and 2. Think thats about it. I plan on finishing beyond good and evil as well. Problem is i take my time with games, and then something else comes out which i get hooked on



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I finished a lot of the games I got in 2003:


StarFox Adventures

Frogger Beyond

Grabbed by the Ghoulies

Ghost Recon

Metroid Fusion


off the top of my head.





Didn't beat:


Rainbow Six 3

Crimson Skies (but really plan on it)

Others that my sons are playing right now, like SSX3


Before LIVE, I used to beat nearly every game I got, provided it didn't suck and didn't get insanely hard. Now it's too much fun to play online rather than single player.



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Dude, you are not alone. I'm guilty of this as well, and almost ashamed to admit some titles I haven't finished. :oops:


Why do I not finish them? I have no idea! (probably just other distractions ;) ) I once played all the way through Super Mario RPG, got to Smithy, died several times and just stopped playing it. I'm not sure why, I wasnt mad at the game :) I just didnt play it anymore. Then, literally, just months ago, I loaded the game up and finished it within 3 tries after a several year hiatus!

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At first my knee-jerk response is similar to everybody else's: there's no time for gaming anymore. Or, at least, focused gaming that zeroes in on a particular title. I mean, that's the obvious answer, right? So we get new stuff and mean to return to the old stuff, but our fried attention spans don't really let us do so, so to finish a game takes amazing willpower on our own parts.


Perhaps not.


As noted by my own thread from a while backand as many others will attest to, most games these days have shit endings. It's the sad truth, but they do. Most games prefer to have the biggest payout for the start of the game, which only makes sense from a marketing perspective, but bites for rewarding dedication.


Now, knowing this, even subconsciously, does that mean that we are less disposed to finish a game since we're well aware that when it's all said and done, we're not likely to get the kind of big payoff for doing all that work as the big payoff we got for doing no work outside turning on the console.


I don't have the answer, naturally, but it's interesting nonetheless.


That being said, I tend to make an effort to finish a game unless it REALLY pisses me off. Of the games I played last year, the only two I abandoned without completing were Thief 2 and Super Mario Sunshine (second try at this one). SMS I just let go at the last boss battle because the controls were bugging the hell out of me.


Thief 2 got the chop because the game was fairly difficult throughout, but the final area was stupid-difficult with regards to the gymnastics you had to perform to complete it. Utterly unreasonable in my opinion, so I just found the ending movie on the CD and watched it :green:.

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I have this problem too, I have about 30 games between the Xbox and PS2 and I haven't beaten any of them. Actually about 10 of them aren't even open yet.


Some games are just so long, it's not realistic to expect to beat them. GT3 I am at about 35% but I'm more or less done with it. I have all the licenses, and tons of cars and cash... but no way am I going to play a 10 race series with a 61 horsepower car, or all of those endurance races.


Other games I move along well until I hit a point I just can't get by. PGR1 was like that, I was loving it, doing quite well, when I got to a race where I had to do 3 laps against a Corvette... even with a huge headstart he'd still smoke me. Last March I hit a point in Splinter Cell that I couldn't beat, got frustrated, and gave up on it until last week, when I finally sat down and passed it. At this rate I'll beat the game when Xbox 7 is released and I have grandchildren. :D


But most of the games I just can't stay with. I hate to say it but I definitely lack the attention span that supposedly sets us apart from housecats. The only game I have played long term was Vice City, and I stopped progressing in it a long time ago... now it's just smashing cars and flying helicopters!

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I'm a notorious non-finisher as well. I think the most egregious violations would be Metroid Prime and Prince of Persia, but I do intend to beat those. I usually get a game, play it obsessively for a few days, then get a new game and start the cycle over without beating the first. If the game has me completely engaged, I might make it to the end. If I get stuck at a point or have to do a frustrating section over due to an Xbox freeze/DDE, the game generally gets shelved.


Sometimes I even find myself purchasing new games that are inferior to unbeaten games I already own. Viewtiful Joe and Prince of Persia lie on the shelf unfinished. Yet, for some reason, I felt compelled to pick up P.N. 03 on the cheap and ended up playing that instead.


I think I'm still adjusting to time being the limiting factor on my purchasing decisions, whereas it was money before. Now that I have a graduate research assistant job that pays pretty well, the time I have to work to buy a game is very low compared to the percieved enjoyment I'll get from it. So, since marginal cost < marginal gain, I buy the game not really understanding that I probably won't get to play it much, or if I do, that time will be taken away from other games.


Xbox live also causes problems. There isn't really a limit to the amount of time I can spend shooting nazis, planes, special forces, etc. It's like a bottomless pit that sucks time away from my massive collection, yet the time spent generates no headway towards completing anything.

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This thread describes me to a T. I never finish a game. I usually get bored of a game after a couple of days and never play it again and put it on ebay so I can at least get some of the money back. The weird thing is I get so hyped up with anticipation for games I can hardly stand it, then when I get the game I usually feel a little disappointed. Then I get upset with myself because I'm not like I used to be when I was little and couldn't wait to flip the NES on and get right back to it. I just get bored with games nowadays.

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Me, I just don't have the time I used to. I can't dedicate the 5+ hours I once did to get through games. Between work, the family, internet, and my first love, Home Theater, video games only get a percentage of my time.


The last game I finished was Metroid Prime. Since then, I've played (for the 1st time) Splinter Cell, Burnout 2, Crimson Skies, Prince Of Persia and Beyond Good and Evil. I'm playing Splinter Cell more than the others but I've also gone back to Metroid Prime on Hard Mode. For me, it's all about fun. The more fun, the more time I'll make for a game. Hence, I'm back on MP.

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I'm definately in this boat. I've been at the end of FFX forever. I'm right at the end of FF tactics advance, about 80% through Gran turismo 3, finished KOTOR, BG:DA, Buffy, But honestly asside from the ones I mentioned most of the games I get are sports games and they don't really have a designated end. But I do find that I have more games than I do time.

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I have no life and no money.

I can't even remember the last game I didn't finish (that wasn't a sports game or something that doens't really have an ending (tetris?))

I even worked my way through RTCW signle player (good lord is this ever boring, plus it actually made me ill if i played it too long).

if a game is good i'll play through it multiple times (KOTOR x3, Halo x3 on legendary)


so you people that don't finish games, send them my way I promise they'll get some use :P


Whoever said grad school was time consuming didn't take economics. :D

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I have a question for those of you who rarely finish a game. Do you ever find yourself reluctant to buy a title because it's too short? For instance, I know that there are a lot of people who will not buy Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time or Beyond Good & Evil at $50 because they only last 10 hours. If this describes you, then why do you need a game that last longer than that if you grow tired of it so quickly?

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I find myself drifting away from some excellent games when I get stuck and can't figure out how to get past a certain situation. I get frustrated and don't feel like re-tracing my steps to take a different route. I usually put the game down, go to the next one and come back after a few months.


I am doing that very thing with Splinter Cell now. There was nobody on Live last night (or so the servers told me) so I fired up SC and breezed through a section that I could not figure out last August. I must have tried it ten times last year. I can only guess that I get "game fatigue" from playing the same title too many times in a short span. I walked away from KOTOR because I knew the same thing was going to happen after I got 2/3 of the way through in about two weeks. I anticipate picking it back up soon to continue my light side trek.


The ironic thing about this is that I will only read one book at a time. I have three that I am dying to start right now but I need to finish "Among The Thugs" first.


Go figure.


**I did, however, win all competitions in Links and get the coveted Legends golfball!

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I rarely finish games. KOTOR was the last one I remember finishing. To make up for it, I started a second game to play the dark side. I got about halfway through and quit (TMWH, baby!). I plan on finishing Prince of Persia, though.


Usually, I just lose interest. Sometimes it is one ridiculously hard (to me) fight or puzzle that does it. I decide to leave it for the evening, but then never return.


Why is it some people finish so many games? I think there are a lot of reasons and they might work in combinations. Some people really are easier to please. Some people are very, very good and finish games in the time it takes a mortal like me to get halfway through. Some people might appreciate the fine points of a game more than me and be willing to play more to experience more.



Books, on the other hand, I always finish. I only know of one exception (I decided to give Grisham a shot -- halfway through I was so bored I quit). I'll have many books spinning at the same time and I still finish.



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I've only been console gaming for about 13 1/2 months, but in the beginning (before Xbox Live) I finished everything.


Max Payne

Terminator: Dawn of Fate


Run Like Hell

Metal Gear Solid

Zone of The Enders

Devil May Cry (x3)

GTA Vice City

Enter The Matrix

Metal Gear Solid 2:Substance

Zone of The Enders: The 2nd Runner

Splinter Cell

Jedi Outcast


Max Payne 2

Ghost Recon:Island Thunder

Rainbow Six 3



Since Xbox Live, I find it hard to finish anything. Right now I'm trying to finish:


Hitman 2

Enter the Matrix (XBOX)

Splinter Cell (XBOX)

Eternal Darkness

Dead to Rights (GC)

Rogue Leader

Bounty Hunter (GC)


Deus Ex:The Conspiracy

Deus Ex:Invisible War


Now it's too much fun to play online rather than single player.


I agree. Nowadays I always feel like I'm missing something if I'm playing single player...




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Damned interesting thread...


It is definitely a strange phenomenon, isn't it? I have a habit of not finishing many of the games I start as well. For me the reason is typically one of three:


1) The game becomes overly difficult (and I cannot find cheat codes to assist)

2) The game becomes repetetive and I become bored (I fear this may become the case with Gladius, the game I'm playing right now)

3) Another game draws my attention away


The saving grace with Gladius might be the progressive cut-scenes that move the storyline along and the progressive skills/equipment that the characters can obtain. Typically, if a game has a strong storyline and characters that I actually begin to care about, that will go a long way toward keeping me playing. As soon as I begin to get mired in too many difficult situations, or if there is no compelling reason to "see what happens" when I finish the next stage, then I'm just not going to keep playing.


One game I think back to that I never finished is Starcraft. I played through the game as the Terrans, and started making my way through the Zerg missions, but never managed to reach the Protoss. Even though there was a continuing storyline, I felt like it got somewhat derailed once I started playing the Zerg. I just didn't give a crap about the Zerg like I did about the Terrans.


Furthermore, the repetetive nature of the game, combined with the learning curve of using a new race (the Zerg) was something that I ended up viewing as frustrating, as opposed to challenging. I just didn't care enough to keep playing.


I guess I'm most apt to finish games that have a strong storyline, characters I care about, progressive skills/abilities (to keep things fresh), and that don't become overly difficult. I suppose that's why I enjoyed (and finished) KOTOR. It was a game that had all those facets working for it.

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Wow, I'm surprised to see so many here not finishing games. I thought it was just me.


Most of the time I don't finish games because they are too difficult for me. I love to play, but I'm not very good. I've only ever finished one game and it was Gauntlet:Dark Legends a few weeks ago with my girlfriend. If course it was on easy mode.


I first got my PS2 a couple years ago and bought Vice City, Fatal Frame, and Tony Hawk PS4. I didn't come close to finishing any of these. I was particularly lousy at Tony Hawk. I got frustrated and stopped playing any of them for the most part. The console went mostly unused until a couple months ago when I decided to rent Gauntlet with my girlfriend (who has never spent any time at all gaming). We had such a great time playing that game together that it rekindled my interest in games. I'm about halfway through Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando right now, and I've also just started MOH: Frontline, thought that one seems to be way to hard for my meager skills. We'll see, though.


Now I'm looking for another co-op game to play with the g/f, I'm debating on whether to pick up one of the Baldur's Gate games, or to wait for Champions of Norrath to come out. It's funny because the g/f used to think games were a complete waste of time, but since playing gauntlet with me, she started a new game on her own on the harder level, and last weekend she spent 3 hours getting into R&C. My only fear now is that I'll have to start fighting her for controller time!


And as for J.Fo's question: I actually would prefer to find some shorter games. It takes me a lot longer than most to get through games, and I'd have a lot less chance of getting burned out on a shorter game. In fact, BG&E and POP are two games that are high on my list to try out if and when I get through R&C for that very reason. (Well, that and the fact that I've readso many good things about them here.)

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Between work, the family, internet, and my first love, Home Theater, video games only get a percentage of my time.
That also describes me to a T, Angel.

For me, the biggest video-gaming timesink is XBL. I just find it WAY more challenging and fun, to go against people instead of A.I., the exception being Halo. It's so bad, that the only "off-line" games I've played (or bought) since last year was Zelda:WW and Half-Life on PC. BTW, after a months-long hiatus, I'm playing Half-Life again. I NEED to finish that game in preparation for HL 2. ;)

I don't finish most games 'cause they knid of "peter" out. It's rare, nowadays, that a game's so compelling that I want to see it to it's conclusion. The only 2 games, on the horizon, I'm gonna finish are HL (before HL2's release) and Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga ('cause it's a GREAT game).

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I have a question for those of you who rarely finish a game. Do you ever find yourself reluctant to buy a title because it's too short?


No, if anything it's the opposite. I'm tempted to get BG&E because I heard it's short (and sweet). Being short means that I'm more likely to finish it, and hearing that the story is good means that I'll feel some sense of reward at the end.

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I think I'm the lemming of gaming. I usually play a couple games at a time lightly, just sampling each one for an hour or two. Then I pick (or find) one game that interests me and I just suicide into it for as long as it takes. I would say that I finish maybe 10% of the games I play total, but out of the ones I actually get into for more than a brief trial, it's about 90%. Even if I stop enjoying it I just have to finish it before I move on. It kind of sucks too because I read about all the new awesome games that are out or coming soon and I just won't buy them until I wrap the current obsession up. Even if I am distracted by a new game, the old one hangs in my memory forever until I go back and finish it. For example, I know that I'm at the Church in Silent Hill 3, night 3 in Fatal Frame, the dark elves city in Baldur's Gate 2, and the Maze in Planescape:Torment. I won't forget these games (or lose my spot) until I finish them, even if it takes like 10-15 years (which it seems it will for Planescape).


Right now it's Gladius, I can't forget it until it's done. Even if I switch to Ninja Gaiden, I'll have to return to Gladius and wrap it up this year.


At least I get to see the ends of the games usually...

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