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Whats your favorite weapon in RS3?


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I like the G36C because the 30 rounds make it a little more deadly in close- quarters combat. I usually bump into an enemy and we do a dance, spraying bullets everywhere except where I want them to go. The difference is that while the enemy is re-loading his 20 round magazine I have ten more bullets to share.

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Someone wanted to know why I liked the G36C:


I like it because it doesn't have too much of a kick to it, pretty accurate, awesome CQB weapon (zoom isn't to far, but just right.) I dont play versus, but only mission/terrorist hunt.


However, I do switch to other guns like the TAR-21 and occassionly some other guns.

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Right now, my baby is the L85. It's got good accuracy, good stopping power, low recoil and 30 rounds.

But really, mostly ALL of the A.R.'s are WAY decent. When I need to get serious, I'll use the M16 or G3A3. The Famas' rate of fire is sick. The AK-47 is, IMHO, one of the best guns in the game. The G36C is very similar in characteristics to the L85, which is good.

About the only guns I don't like are the TAR-21 (the zoomed-in sight takes up WAY too much space on-screen) and the Galil (good fire-power with 100 round drums :shock:, but the aiming reticle is WAY too small).

The SMG's (MP5's, TMP, UMP, MAC 11, etc.) are garbage. You could use 'em in co-op mode, but you'll get your ass handed to you in multi-player.

The M1 shottie is USELESS (I'd rather use an SMG) but the USAS-12 auto-shottie is a lot of fun with MONSTER power and VERY good recoil. It's quite fun to get kills with the USAS. :twisted:

Except for the Desert Eagle, the pistols are TOYS.

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