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Off-brand Game Boy player-type device @ Best Buy


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Has anyone seen this at their local Best Buy, or heard any reviews on it? It's a Gameboy to TV adapter thingie for $30. Obviously inferior in that you need your GBA to run the game (and thus it must be powered, etc)....but I thought it could be useful for FF:CC, Pac-Man VS, etc...games that require connectivity. I have a spare TV now with the projector in house, after all. Why not use it instead of the tiny GBA screen?

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I haven't seen it, Dave, but it sounds interesting. For $30, I could play Advance Wars with a buddy without squinting at my GBA's screen, tilting it this way and that in an effort to make up for its lack of backlighting.


If anyone gets it, please post your thoughts here. And I'm moving this to Portables from GameCaube.



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I believe this device is similar to that of the Gameboy Player in that you need a GC. From what it looked like you plug the device into a controller port on your GC and you can play you GBA games on your TV through your GC. I know it's a little cheaper than the Gameboy player, but if you're interested in playing your GBA games on your TV you might as well get the GB Player by Nintendo as first party accessories tend to be better quality.

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you might as well get the GB Player by Nintendo as first party accessories tend to be better quality.


I'll second that! I learned my lesson after buying MadCatz controllers for my gamecube.


Also, I seem to remember reading somewhere that the Gameboy Player has some sort of technology inside that makes up for a programming technique that the developers used in GB games. Has something to do with image-flicker if memory serves. You MIGHT NOT get this in the third-party gameboy players, so be careful.

If anyone wishes to confirm this, please do.


I have the Nintendo Gameboy Player and it is awesome!



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Yep....many GBA games are made with the GB Player in mind so that it looks better on your TV when using it. Games like FF Tactics and Super Mario 3 to name a few.


I love my GB Player. It's very cool. The problem is I love my SP so much that I almost don't use my GB Player anymore. Oh well, I still love showing friends some of the cool GBA games I have :)

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It's been awhile, but I thought I would resurrect the thread a little -



My thoughts about this third party device was to use it + another gamecube for cube-link games (ala pac-man vs, FF:CC). That way you have the gamecube being used for primary play, and the gameboy linked to another gamecube, displayed on TV, for the secondary (Gameboy screen).


Just a thought. I'd buy the Gameboy player first.

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