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Was just looking through the upcoming movie release lists and was pleasantly surprised at the number of upcoming releases that actually appeal to me. Was wondering what the rest of you are planning on seeing between now and the start of the start of the summer movie season come the miuddle of May.


Here's my list:

Miracle (opens today)

50 First Dates

The Passion of Christ

Jersey Girl

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


Kill Bill Vol2

Van Helsing

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For me "The Passion of The Christ," "Hellboy," and "Kill Bill Vol.2" are absolute must sees. "Eternal Sunchine of the Spotless Mind" will probably be in the mix as well. I also am examining some potential smaller and independent candidates. Then again, I am a hardcore movie fanatic. My fiancee and I try to hit a movie every week when we can and are even getting married in a movie theater.

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Not sure when it's due out other than 2004, but The Life Aquatic.


Don't know a whole lot about it, but I've determined that any collaboration between Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson is worth seeing. Put Bill Murray in the staring role, and you have Rushmore potential.


The others have been listed - Passion of Christ, Hellboy, and a few others.

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For those interested....


I went to "Miracle" last night, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The casting was well done, and they even captured the last 70's/early 80's feel down to the bad clothes and the music. Kurt Russell was excellent in the film and the cast that played the team was excellent. I have read several places that the producers went for hockey players who could act rather than actors who can play hockey, and it shows. The hockey sequences are some of the best and most realistic I have ever seen.


I remember being glued to my TV in early 1980 as a kid watching the U.S. hockey team and hoping for a win. I remember Al Michaels yelling "Do you believe in miracles!" This movie captured the era and the Olympic games very well. Any sports movie fan should definitely check this one out.

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