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Ratchet and Clank III for 2004?


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IGN is reporting that Insomniac Games may continue its tradition of releasing a Ratchet and Clankevery year with the third installment of the series late in 2004. After seeing the spectacular work they did with the Going Commando, I'm convinced that they can do it, and make it a damn fine game to boot. While nothing official has been announced (yet), I'll take whatever indication we can get that the next game is going to come out this year. I need my fix!


One sentence in the article did spark my curiosity though:


The alleged Ratchet and Clank sequel is supposed to be darker, thanks to the influence of new team members from Crystal Dynamics, creators of the epic vampire series Legacy of Kain.


Darker? Darker how? One aspect I've enjoyed with the first two games is that they didn't take themselves too seriously. There was a lot of humor mixed in with the action, and I hope we don't lose that with the third game in a lame attempt to be serious.


Still, it will be interesting to see what, if any, improvements they make to the combat system. The RPG-like elements were a stroke of genius as was the customizable weapon upgrades. Personally, I'd like to see more vehicles, like a tank perhaps or more use for the hover bikes in areas other than racetracks.


At any rate, you can bet I will be keeping an eye on this one. Sony, please announce something soon!!!

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Originally posted by iCamp@Feb 12 2004, 02:49 PM

Is it true that Ratchet & Clank and Jak II share the same engine? What exactly is the relationship between Naughty Dog & Insomniac? I've seen some speculation that we might see a Jak & Ratchet union in a game...is there any truth to this?

As far as I know, the two companies share technologies. The engine that was developed for Jak and Daxter was used for Ratchet and Clank, albeit a slightly modified version of it. The same goes for the two sequels.


Concerning the relationship between Naughty Dog and Insomniac, I do believe it goes back to the Playstation days. Specifically, all I know for sure is that both are second-party developers for Sony.


Oh, and Sony has denied any plans for both companies to produce a game together.

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I received the latest issue of Game Informer magazine today. In it, they have in-depth looks at the development of Jak III and Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal. Since it would involve too much typing to put the entire article here in this post, and since I'm not allowed to do such a thing anyway, I will sum up the interesting points of the article.

  • Two Words: Online Multiplayer
    You read that correctly. Up Your Arsenal will allow players to compete head-to-head in an online versus mode against 8 people. It will also feature a 4-player split-screen mode.
  • Weapons, Weapons, Weapons
    As you would expect, the game will feature a whole slew of new weapons. As in Going Commando, they can be upgraded and improved. In this game, however, you can upgrade them more than once. The Weapons will also be more exotic in an attempt to move away from the standard lasers and rifles from most sci-fi games.
  • New Game, New Story
    The game takes place, predictably, after the events of the Going Commando. Ratchet and Clank have saved the galaxy once again and have been given their own holovid series. Much to Ratchet's chagrin, Clank becomes the star of the show and is now famous galaxy-wide.
    The big bad this time around is an evil robot called Dr. Nefarious, who wishes to destroy all organic life in the universe. To combat this new threat, the galactic president creates the Q-force, an elite fighting unit whose mission it is to destroy Nefarious. Q-force is led up by Ratchet and Clank... and a certain fallen green-suited superhero. Let's just call him Steve McQwark.
  • Returning Characters and New Faces
    In addition to Steve, many of the favorite characters from the previous games will make an appearance, including Al from Als' Robo Shack, and Ratchet's personal trainer, Helga. There are also numerous new faces, which I will not divulge here.
  • Technical Stuff
    As you would expect, the graphics engine is receiving a bit of a tune-up with this installment. It will feature, among other things, reflective textures and better particle effects. The A.I. of the enemies has been improved as well to make for a more intense fighting experience. Now, a minimum of effort is needed on the part of the programmers to work on the A.I., allowing them to create more elaborate fighting sequences. As with the last game, I suspect that it will also run in 480p mode with 16:9 support and feature Dolby Pro-Logic II sound.

Apparently there are a number of other additions that Insomniac is being tight-lipped about at the moment. They do promise scenarios and missions unlike anything in the other two games. We?ll probably have to wait until E3 and beyond to find out what those are. Overall, I seriously cannot wait to get my hands on this. Something tells me that the anticipation is going to reach feverish levels come autumn.

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Aw, what the hell? Let's make it four posts in a row! Somebody has to be excited about this game, right? :D


I just noticed this little article over 1up.com in their post-E3 round-up. Much of it discusses the online play mode, which is fine and dandy, but the following passage really caught my eye:


The game has some new perspectives to go with the gameplay. The first-person mode, unlockable at the end of R&C2, is now selectable from the start of the game. A new control scheme offers easy enemy lock-on and strafing for gamers who choose to play this way. Another new gameplay mode is a 2-D side-scrolling shoot-'em-up similar to classic Contra. Players looking for more single-player action will find plenty to keep them busy.


Okay, now I can understand how Insomniac could incorporate a first-person mode in these games. My question is, how does this 2-D mode work? Since the levels in the Ratceht and Clank games tend to farily linear (as in get from point A to point B) I can see how this could be done. Still, it will be interesting to see them incorporate it into the game. It may even give me a good excuse to play through it two times in a row - once in 3-D and a second time in glorious 2-D!

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