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Dusted off the old Saturn

Jeff W

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I dusted off my Sega Saturn today to play-test it, my intention was to be sure it worked and post it in the fs/ft thread. I popped in Nights as it was the first game at the top of the pile, wow, I can't belive how well this game holds up after all these years! Sure the graphics are dated but the gameplay still rivals most games on my current gen systems, I played for over an hour. While I was at it I also played a little Guardian Heros, Burning Rangers, and Panzer Dragoon Saga(just to watch the opening movie), needless to say, I'm re-thinking the selling or trading of my Saturn. :green:

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If you ever decide to get rid of that copy of Guardian Heroes or Burning Rangers (would like to get a second copy for a good friend who longs to play it again) you've got buyer #1 right here :D . (I'm sure folks on here will be tripping over themselves making you offers for Panzer Saga as well.).

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