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OOOOOOOOH...I want one!


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Hoping this hasn't already been posted....couldn't see it anywhere.


Doesn't this bad boy look good!


From Tweaktown:

- Microsoft Xbox Crystal Limited Edition


Digit-Life have sourced information through several Euro distributers that Microsoft are soon to release a new Xbox package with a very unique appearance, dubbed the "XBox Crystal Pack". Images have been provided and i'd have to say this one really shines! Oh, and you're guarenteed a 20gb hdd in this baby too. Pricing is said to be $199USD and will apparently go on sale March 6th.


According to several large European distributors, in the nearest future Microsoft is to launch sales of its Special Edition Xbox with the original semi-transparent design ? The Xbox Crystal Pack. The Crystal Pack will include the console itself in a sky-blue semi-transparent body with a 20GB HDD and two similarly coloured joypads. Xbox Crystal Pack will go on sale on March 6, 2004 with MSRP of $199.

Niiiiice! :shock:

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