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Gamespot's News From The Future

Robot Monkey

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GameSpot recently published "News From The Future," a handful of Onion-style news parodies related to the videogame industry. I thought these were the funny ones:


Terrell Owens places Jeff Garcia on Madden 2005 cover


Tandy to reenter consumer market with new console hardware


E3 2004: Square Enix announces GameCube MMRPG


3D Realms nuked



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Thanks for that, Jay, the TRS-8000 article had me rolling. :lmfao:


Shaquille O'Neal's Cyberdungeonworld


Put on your chainmail and grab your sword 'cus the world's most famous basketball player needs your help! Take on rats, dogs, and rats crossed with dogs in this exciting new role-playing adventure


The description for the Russian roulette game and Viktor Viking: Pirate Killer are also choice.

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I thoroughly enjoyed the sidebar articles


Microsoft announces Sandwiches for Life promotion

One lucky Xbox LiveZone subscriber is going to win a lifetime of free sandwiches this holiday season. P. Diddy quoted as saying, "It's good to eat together!"

05/15/07 -


Street Fighter 4 canceled... again

After officially announcing it for the 18th time just three days ago, Capcom has once again killed off the long-awaited "Four."

03/22/27 -


And I cannot wait to play a round of "Dog vs Monkey" on my shiny new Tandy. ;)

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