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February Xbox Release List


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For everyones reference im going to do a x-box release list every month with the suggested retail price as used by the most popular game stores


**All dates are subject to change**

If you see anything ive left off please let me know



Silent Scope Complete $39.99 (Compatible with new Sniper Rifle Light gun)

Unreal II The Awakening (Live play) $39.99

Wrath Unleashed $49.99



MX Unleashed $39.99



Pitfall : Lost Expedition $39.99

Bond 007 Everything or Nothing $49.99



Ninja Gaiden (Live component not yet announced) $49.99

Steel Batallain Original Game and Controller Re-release $199.99




Steel Batallian Line of Contact -Live Only Game



Bass Champion Fishing Controller by Naki $24.99

Wireless Dance Pad Revolution by Naki $29.99



*Took off wireless headset as its delayed again*

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Originally posted by Adjuster@Feb 9 2004, 08:34 AM
Wireless Headset by Hip gear $59.99


Any more info on that??? I found a listing at EB, but it's pretty lean on information.




Don't hold your breath on this one. They have changed the shipping date at least three times since the nov. ship date when I first noticed it.


Side note: I really like the hip wireless controller. The vibes a little clunky but overall it has very solid preformance and It's a little bigger than the S.

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This is the link.



EB sells it for 39.99US. I got it for 49.00CDN (which is the same price as the S controller in some places)


Here's my mini review:

After only about ten+ hours of use & testing it in about six differnet games. I am very happy. The weight, size and button position are very comfortable. It's slightly larger that the S controller and actually feels better in my hands. The action on the triggers and the analog sticks is essentially identical to the S controller. The ABXY buttons more reactive (they have a bit of a click to them) which hasn't bothered me at all and may even be better than the S controller. I haven't decided yet. In my short time using it I have had NO perceivable problems with the signal, interference, lag or anything really to remind me it didn't have a wire. It has a macro and a turbo button that I haven't tried yet so no comment. Finally, It has a manual power switch that if you forget to use it, it will be dead the next time you pick it up. It would be nice if it had an inactivity sensing auto-off feature to save battery life but nothings perfect. The box says 30 hours play time I just got a set of Ni-MH for it and we'll see how it goes.

In summary if you have worn the rubber off your left thumb stick and are ready for a new controller I would recommend this one, strongly recommend considering the price.




(I have not tried any of the other wireless contollers so I can't compare them.)

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Sorry one more thing I forgot to mention.


This like all other wireless controllers on the market has the memory card/headset port on the receiver. So for most people this won't be suitable for LIVE. I actually have my XBOX, projector, HT amp, etc. sitting on shelf above my head and when I tried to plug the headset in it didn't work. After quite a bit of fiddling, banging, etc. I was ready to return it. Just when I'd given up click it worked. It's been fine since.



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