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Our Home Theater


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Where the guests sit, La-Z-Boy enabled


DVD collection...all 3 now filled. Gotta buy another one, or two!


Front view...a little Rally for ya!


Where the boss sits...she's not as 'neat' as I am :x


Rear Polk surrounds showing 2 of my dry mounted posters


Another front angle...thats my La-Z-Boy chair (The throne!)


Front again...FYI, the theater is in my basement


Shot of my DIY Sonosub...this is an old picture. It is now across the front to the left of the screen. Had to make room for DVD cabinet #3!



The reflection on my Sony RPTV looks bad in the pic's. When we're watching TV, the lights are low, and only the potlights in the ceiling are used. Downlighting = no reflections! :D


Comments welcome!

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Good eye Orpheus....they are definitely Bertby's. You may have noticed that they have different doors...that's because they changed to the lighter wood after we bought the first one! :evil: I like them a lot, and I've had a lot of good nice comments on them. The door helps to keep the dust off the DVD's.

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Originally posted by Whiskers@Feb 8 2004, 11:56 AM

You may have noticed that they have different doors...that's because they changed to the lighter wood after we bought the first one!

Looks like you're ready for a third...hopefully the latest version matches, then you can at least have a symmetrical setup ;)


EDIT: Wait, were these pics taken at different times? In one pic it looks like you have two DVD cases, in another you have 3...

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I really like the look of your home theater, Whiskers. It looks very cozy. I feel like I could just curl up under a blanket on a cold winters night, put my feet up and enjoy a great movie.


Say, you wouldn't mind sharing your equipment list with us, would you? I'd like to know what kind of toys you've got in there.

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Originally posted by iainl@Feb 23 2004, 09:49 AM

Nice, I like the Bertbys as well.


We've got Billys at home for our DVD and CD storage, and the rather wonderful Expedit for vinyl and laserdisc downstairs. Ikea is just great. They do rather nice doors for the Billy now which we're going to get, too.

Any weight issues with the Expedit shelves? I need someplace other than storage boxes for my vinyl collection. Also, how have the Billy''s held up for you? It seems like a nice all around storage option, and since I've given up on ever getting my cd rack duplicated, I also want something I know I'll be able to expand again later.

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The Billys are just fine; though if you're going to store CDs in them its worth every penny for the proper CD rack inserts. If I get a chance this evening I'll take a photo to show you ours (though I warn you they're hideously overflowing).


As for weight issues on the Expedit, I've not filled that high up. I've got the 5x5 one, and a single cube area in it holds about 50 laserdiscs (actually about 70-odd, once you account for many of them being 2-disc sets). Its roughly 13.5" each way, or just barely enough to fit that huge T2-SE set, if that helps. So I've only filled the bottom two levels with discs, and the rest has other random objects on. But the shelves are like 1/2" thick, and the outer box is more like 2", so I'd be shocked if there were any weight problems.

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Hideously overflowing sounds exactly like my media shelves. The expedit sounds like it might be exactly what I need. The 4x4 would be just enough room for my vinyl. While there are laserdiscs I've certainly wanted, I'm happy to not have a collection of those to move every year or two, the LP's are more than enough.

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