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Red Dead Revolver now just "Dead"?

Romier S

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News posted on Gamespot. Heres the post:




Funding might have already been pulled from this cowboy shooter.


A recent diary log from the personal Web site of Capcom staff member Akira Yasuda (also known as Akiman) reveals some details on the current state of Red Dead Revolver. According to Yasuda's journal, Capcom has already pulled the plug on sponsoring the development of Red Dead Revolver. However, the official site for the game has not been taken down since the project is still in development--the American staff members working on Red Dead Revolver have made efforts to continue its development with an alternate source of cash. Yasuda was one of the staff members working on Red Dead Revolver during his last years as a full-time employee at Capcom.


We'll post more details as they become available.


The game was looking pretty good but with such little info available on it, not a suprise.

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Too bad, I was looking forward to this one. RDR seemed like such an interesting concept.


Remember Alice, the recently-cancelled Xbox title? I found an ad in a gaming mag from some time ago and it was actually a PS2 game back then. Gwen Stefani and No Doubt had done all the voice work, MS had demoed the game at E3, what, two years ago? All that time, money and effort down the drain. Was the game just too shitty to release? Is there a point of no return for game development?

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Is there a point of no return for game development?


The releases of Bruce Lee, Battlecruiser, and Daikatana would suggest no, but something must have happened ;). Sounds like a story is behind it, and I have to say I love stories about the industry.

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