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Geist and Metroid Prime 2 by the end of the year.

The Daisy

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Sweet. MP2 is an opening-day title for me, and I hope they get Geist looking and playing better than it has seemed thus far :P.


Now, the best comment for me though is Miyamoto's cryptic comments about Mario 128. I know Sunshine was a let-down for me personally (it doesn't suck hardcore, it's just an above average title with a crap camera), so I'm hoping the old Miyamoto magic is worked on 128.


I am trying not to let myself get sucked in by Mario hype, but it's just hard not to be sometimes, ya know? ;)


Edit: Oh, and Pokemon is actually kinda fun, Glen, you might want to give it a whirl sometime.

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No, it's not. Thank god ;).


The gist of it is that it's an FPS where the player is a spirit of some kind who has to possess NPCs to get specific tasks done. I'm not sure exactly how it will all work, but the graphics and such were not overwhelmingly impressive when the game was last shown. I think IGN has some movies and such up, off the top of my head.


It's short for poltergeist, methinks. The description indicates as such.

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I'm so glad that Metroid: Zero Mission comes out tomorrow (or should I say today?), because it will ease the pain of waiting for the follow-up to Metroid Prime. It goes without saying that I want that game right the hell now, thank you very much.


As for Geist, I will say that I'm interested. The problem is that we haven't seen a whole lot of it yet, and it's hard to get excited about a game that you know so little about.


I can't wait until this year's E3 when we will undoubtedly find out more about these games and Mario 128.

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Lilke Jeff, I'll be picking up Metroid: Zero Mission today. I've held off on playing Metroid Fusion because I'm not crazy about playing on a little screen. Now that I have the GB Player, I can do Zero Mission, Fusion and then go back and play MP on hard mode. With other games in-between, that should have me ready for MP2 later this year.


And I agree with Mark in that MP2 is definately a opening-day title for me. One of only 2 this year: Ninja Gaiden being the other.

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I consider Metroid Prime to be the best 128 bit gaming experience I've had. The game was simply stunning and it was one of the only games that had me eager to get home from work just so I could play it some more. Needless to say, I will definitely have my copy of Metroid Prime 2 on release day.


I am definitely curious about Geist. I'm really looking forward to E3 this year to see what Nintendo has in store for everyone. I think this year's E3 will be one of the best :)


Also, don't forget we're also supposed to see a Wind Waker sequel this year as well. Again, i really enjoyed the Wind Waker and I am very much looking forward to the next installment.


Now, if only Nintendo would announce Donkey Konga to be released in the US :)

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