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Nintendo concentrates on Gamecube

Romier S

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Report recently on Gamespot:






According to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Nintendo management has decided to forgo development on the GameCube's successor in order to focus on peripherals that will enhance gameplay, including further interactivity with the Game Boy Advance and (presumably) the upcoming Nintendo DS. The article says that Nintendo expects to release the first of these peripherals in 2005, when Microsoft is expected to release its next Xbox. The next Sony console is not expected out until 2006.


The article said Nintendo would still continue development of "a new home-use game machine for release in the future," but the earliest that machine would be released would be 2007.


Quite the gamble if this proves to be true. Previously Iwata was very adamant about not being "late" with the GC's successor and how timing was key. It seems either this is some very strange reporting or that stance has changed. However if this is being done to defend its hold in the handheld market it may be the prudent move for Nintendo. Discuss folks...

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This is a move I wouldn't of expected from Nintendo. It dovetails nicely, however with the discussion in the thread on overcoming the hype machine that is Sony. In alot of ways, this is a breath of freah air. Nintendo is, if this is a stance that they actually follow, finally seeing that it makes more sense to give developers a chance to exploit the hardware to its fullest potential before picking up and moving on.


The truth is, this is more also a solid move to counter the PSP. By doing this they can make sure that their resources are able to be quickly applies in the event that the PSP becomes a larger threat at some future date.


In many ways, I applaud Nintendo for taking this risk. While it is obviously motivated by their desire to protect their handheld market share, by extension this will have what I think will be a positive impact on their console hardware, and more importantly, the software we have available in the coming few years.

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My views on Nintendo never seem to be popular, but here's what I read between the lines in that article:


Nintendo is unsure whether it will release a next gen console or go 3rd party for the 'other' consoles with all their powerhouse A+ releases. Gamecube just doesn't sell that well, but GBAs sell extremely well in all markets. So rather than fight a losing battle for everyone in consoles, they want to shore up the defenses on handhelds and continue to own ( = not share) that market with competitors. Sony whooped them out of consoles with Playstation (2), so who wouldn't be afraid of them entering your other console market?


Designing a console is a peculiar thing, it gets exponentially more expensive as you approach the launch date. By "putting it on hold", Nintendo curtails that cost while it figures out what it needs to do next gen as a gamemaker and hardware manufacturor. Very smart move for Nintendo, but if it isn't a death knell for it's next gen console I would be very, very surprised.


Is this bad for the consumer or for big N? Not neccessarily, time will tell.

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Originally posted by DataScion@Feb 9 2004, 07:01 PM

Nintendo is, if this is a stance that they actually follow, finally seeing that it makes more sense to give developers a chance to exploit the hardware to its fullest potential before picking up and moving on.

I hate to say it, but the developers are the ones picking up and moving on.


Not that it matters to me. I have all three next-gen consoles, so whatever comes out for any system I can buy and I can get the best version, so if GameCube goes the way of the dodo, so be it. I still play my Dreamcast too.

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New peripherals do not excite me. Sure, I havent seen any of them yet, but I honestly dont know what kind of gizmo they can come up with to make better videogames.


As you know, I'm a huge Gamecube fan ;) but I rarely use or care about the whole Cube/GBA connectivity aspect that the big N is trying to shove down my throat as the next big revolution in gaming. I have all the equipment to do so, I just never use them together. Not that I care, but I always see this as a way for Nintendo to sell more products and accesories.


I tell you one thing they can release that will make me buy alot more games... a new Power Pad! Yeah.. that, and a Power Glove. yeah. :?

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Of course, I should have read the article first, since Nintendo denies all:

However, according to Beth Llewellyn, Nintendo of America's director of corporate communications, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun article is erroneous and based on "a lot of speculation." She also said that the Iwata quote was from another article and was taken out of context.


Regarding the status of Nintendo's next console, Llewellyn told GameSpot, "We will launch at the same time as our competitors. Our status hasn't changed."

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The article seems to explain that the previous mention of Nintendo removing focus from the N5 was misunderstood.


The news follows intense speculation earlier this week concerning Nintendo's future intentions in the home console market, after another Japanese newspaper - Nihon Keizai Shimbun - and several western media sources misinterpreted statements from company president Satoru Iwata as implying that the company had postponed plans to launch a new hardware platform.


Nintendo's hand has undoubtedly been forced by that speculation, with NCL PR boss Yasuhiro Minagawa explaining that "it [iwata's comment] was supposed to mean that Sony and Microsoft are expected to release their next-generation consoles from 2005 to 2006, and we also won't be releasing one until that period."


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