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Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis.

Derrik Draven

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I never got around to buying this game. I don't really know why I didn't. Guess I was wrapped up in some other title at the time.


Anyhoo...this sort of fell off of my radar and, just recently I was going through a bunch of older OXM discs and came across the demo for this.


I was amazed at how well it captured the atmosphere of the park and I must've spent a couple of hours just messing with the "mini" demo of the game.


Read through the http://www.gamespot.com review of it and, since I've been a huge fan of Bullfrog and, just about anything Molyneux has done (yes, I know he has NOTHING to do with this title), I can't believe I passed up on a sort of "God game" as cool as the reviews say this was.


Anyone have a copy they want to sell? I see ebworld has some used ones but, I'd buy from one of you guys 1st, if ya wanna part with it.

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