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1080: Avalanche


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I finally picked up 1080: Avalanche at the weekend. Its really interesting. The 'main' mode is so far absurdly easy, and I've beaten Easy and Hard (leaving Expert and Extreme to do) on my first attempts. However, the extra modes seem to be the real meat of the game, in practice.


First up is the best bit of the lot; Gate Challenge. The course is peppered with slalom gates, and you have to race through them as fast as possible to get a score attack.


Then there is a basic Time Attack. Each course has several possible ways down, and figuring out the fastest and then nailing a good run on it is turning out really cool.


Finally (apart from multiplayer) you've got Trick Attack. Its all right, but if you want to do tricks I'd recommend sticking with Amped, which is pitched far more realistically; this is in the silly category where massive jumps and racing through towns is the order of the day, as you'd expect from the first game.


The impression of speed is amazing, and the best thing about it really - everything feels much faster than Amped, without being quite so silly as the SSX series is. I'll do a more thorough write-up once I've played it a bit more.

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If you're wanting it for LAN play you should really enjoy yourself. I'm liking it for the single-player score attack, too. Just be warned, anyone who doesn't do the whole 'score' thing: you'll have the "main" game mode "completed" in no time at all, it would seem.

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