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Sonic Mega Collection

Chris F

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I've had this on my IGN.com wishlist for some time, and just picked it up yesterday night.


What a treat! I do a lot of emulation on my PC, but being able to play all these Sonic games on a TV is awesome. I've played all of them on Genesis before, but never finished a single one. Now I have my chance to!


And to top it off, it has hidden gems too, like Ristar (One of my favorite platformers ever), and Comix Zone as well! It also looks like there's a ton of other hidden things as well.


There's no upgrades in terms of graphics or sounds or anything, but that doesn't really matter to me. I really wish more companies would come out with compilation sets like this.

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Comix Zone


WHOA WHOA WHOA! Hold the freakin' phone! Comix Zone? How'd I miss this? Are you telling me there's actually a port of Comix Zone on this disc? If that's the case, damn, I'm buying this game the second I have some money. Comix Zone is one of my favorite no-brainer beat 'em ups. It's hard as hell but a load of fun, and I loved the way things were drawn into it by the evil dude.


Maan, somebody please tell me this is true :). Oh, yeah, the Sonic games would be nice as well :P.

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