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Activision delays and titles (Doom 3 and Ture Crime news).

Romier S

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Heres the report:




Activision's financial earnings call reveals delays for several major games.


In its quarterly earnings call, Activision announced several significant changes to its release calendar for 2003 and 2004. Most notably, Activision said that it will, "for planning purposes," assume that Doom 3 won't be out until early 2004, but reminded that "as you know, id decides when it ships, not Activision." At many occasions since E3 2002, id has said the plan was to release the game by the end of 2003, but id's Tim Willits told us in May that the game won't ship until the studio is happy with it.


True Crime, the free-ranging action game set in a satellite photo-perfect rendition of Los Angeles, is also being delayed, and will ship in late 2003 rather than in September. Farther in the future, Trinity, Grey Matter's sci-fi action game, will now ship in Activision's 2005 fiscal year, which starts in April 2004. Activision mentioned a number of new games scheduled for release in 2004, including a Tenchu game for the Xbox. A summary of the release schedules mentioned in the earnings call is as follows:


Q4 2003:

Tony Hawk's Underground

True Crime: Streets of LA

Call of Duty

Empires: Dawn of the Modern World



Q1 2004:

Doom 3

Pitfall Harry

Tenchu for the Xbox

MTX Mototrax



Q2 2004 or later:


Spider-Man 2

Shrek 2

Shark Slayer

Lemony Snicket

Rome: Total War

Quake IV

Call of Duty console game

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While I'm sure the market is there for both titles, you have to wonder if having Half-Life 2 on market first won't take a bite out of the sales for Doom 3, particularly if by some feat (and hey, it could happen) Doom 3 does not measure up to its competition. And that's been said before, but any delays are probably not going to help.

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I think Half-Life 2 will take a big bite out of Doom II sales. Halo (PC) isn't going to help.


iD knows the value of hitting the holiday season, but competition is going to be higher than usual this year.


This is a blow to them...but they'll still be around making good games for many years to come.

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I think it will have zero effect on Doom III sales. In fact, if it's delayed far enough past HL2, it'll help, because gamers that buy HL2 on release day will be looking for something new by the time D3 comes out...


The markets for HL2 and D3 will be there, regardless of when the games actually come out. The only way it could hurt them would be for them to release simultaneously, forcing those that can't afford both simulataneously to choose.

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