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'Doomjuice' worm emerges, targets Microsoft

Guest Chronic Acid

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Guest Chronic Acid

Doomjuice, which some are describing as a variant of the MyDoom worm, spreads via e-mail systems already infected with the first version, which became the fastest-spreading virus ever when it was unleashed on the Internet at the end of January.


"It's only looking for machines that are compromised by MyDoom A or B," said Vincent Gullotto, vice president of the anti-virus emergency response team at Network Associates Inc. He said it was not spreading as rapidly as the initial MyDoom worms.


Because Doomjuice spreads directly between infected computers, rather than via e-mail, experts said that it would not be accurate to call it a variant of MyDoom, which accounted for as many as one in five e-mails at its peak in late January.

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This was just suppose to be a warning for some of you.


Oh yeah, and like Jay said, don't think we don't appreciate it, Chronic.


We just tend to free-wheel a bit around here, hopefully without diverting TOO much from topic, but it's been known to happen :green:.


Did somebody mention something about the next Unreal engine being powered by Zima?

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Originally posted by iainl@Feb 11 2004, 11:45 AM

Windowsupdate.microsoft.com has been slashdotted

Or, to be slightly more accurate, stupid adverts over the top of webpages caused me to turn off enough ActiveX to break the site in my browser. Oops.


Elsewhere, this has been all over the news in the UK. Bizarrely, the BBC seem to be using it as some sort of advert for Linux; its been mentioned in all three articles on the thing so far.

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