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Brain drilling songs

Mark E

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Argh, do you ever get songs stuck in your head that are actually not great and in fact my be downright shit?


I'm not talking the whole trump song thing, really, but just songs that burrow themselves in because in their awfulness they are actually pretty damn catchy.


This question, for those curious, has been sponsored by 'Toxic' by Britney Spears.

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There was a segment about this phenomenon on NPR a few months ago, and the dude that they talked to called these songs "earworms". Seems appropriate enough.


And yes, "Milkshake" is now thundering through my cranium, thank you so much Shawn!!! :evil:


"Lala lala la...they want it all...lala lala la...the boys are waiting..." GAAAAAHHHH!!!!

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I've always thought of earworms as the good music that you don't like. Its good because its catchy and its stuck in your head but that doesn't mean you have to like it. I usually end up with the Dan Patrick radio show theme in my head. Which is a nice little jingle but overall just useless. Its better than the other day that I had that craptastic new mcdonalds "I'm lovin it" crap going through my head.

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You've all heard of the Meme theory right? According to it, catchy tunes are memes fighting for brains to inhabit. Like genes fight for bodies to be transcribed into.


Anyway, I won't bore anyone with details...


But I did hear that Badger 'song' for the first time yesterday and it is indeed insidious, and cute...a deadly combination.

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