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Unreal Tournament 2004

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Originally posted by Whiskers@Feb 12 2004, 06:54 AM



Isn't fileplanet a pay-to-download site? Do you feel it's worth the cost? I must admit, 400kp/s sounds appealing....I'm downloading UT2004 right now, and the max I'm getting is 160.

Yeah, I pay $7 per month, and generally feel like I get my money's worth. Some months I don't use it much, but when something like UT2K4 rolls around, it pays for itself in convenience.


It's nice to be able to sit down, click the download link, and have the demo 10 minutes later. No hunting around, no waiting in line, no hours+ download times...

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I paid to subscribe to GameSpot's site. For $20 per year you get full access to their news and articles plus the added bonus of a full fledged download site. I don't think they have quite as many files as some other sites but they do have a lot. And 400kbps is a slow to average download in my experience with Gamespot.

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Oh man, I LOVED the demo of UT2K4. Of course, I loved 2K3 as well, but the fact that Assault is back, and the fact that the Onslaught mode kicks major ass means I'll be buying this game for sure!


The Assault map included, I forget the name, requires one team to get across a convoy of moving vehicles by triggering cranes, bays and doors. The convoy is moving, and you jump from vehicle to vehicle, shooting and dodging. It's an impressive thing to see and play at the very least.


Onslaught seems like a great gametype. It includes vehicles and capture points. It requres a lot of teamwork, which will be great with the built in VOIP support in the game.


I'll try and get some screen grabs up tonight after I get home from work. The high res textures are disabled for the demo, but even with normal textures the game looked great. Not much of an upgrade from 2K3, but the level designs seemed VERY nice.


Maybe we can get an LCVG game going some night this weekend?

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I was a little disappointed with Onslaught - the vehicles just don't compare well next to BF1942 or even Tribes 2.


I'll have to play around a bit more with the demo, but I'm not sure whether it's a buy yet. I loved the original UT, but UT2003 was a little too much like Q3 for me (too twitchy, not enough team communication, etc.)


Craziest new feature: text-to-speech for game chatter. There's something rather disturbing about hearing the racist, homophobic slurs aloud in a monotone rather than ignoring the text on-screen. But at least there seems to be a pretty developed interface for muting folks.

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Well, I actually tried this last night, and guess what? It doesn't totally fail to run on my machine. Its actually quite playable with all the detail right down at 800x600.


Serves me right; every time I consider upgrading the PC I buy a console instead, as its cheaper.

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I was at an all-day LAN yesterday where we played mostly this demo. I love the Assault mode. We didn't really play much else. I didn't get there in time to try out Onslaught much, but it reminded me of Battlefield 1942 in a very cool setting. I played very little UT2K3 but I could see myself spending quite a bit of time with this one given the right crowd.


Couple that with the EB Games deal I mentioned in a previous Game Deals thread (basically get the game for $9.99 or free depending on if you want to trade in some games) and I'll certain have the full version of this one.


Now all I need is a gaming headset with a mic and I'm all set. I could just buy the special edition of the game that comes with a headset and a bonus DVD, but I can't get that one for $9.99 as far as I know.

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