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Wrath Unleashed


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Bought it, played it, loved it. Can't wait to play other humans.


Basically it's a 3D Archon. Framerate's rock solid, character design is phenomenal, the load times (on the XBox, which is why this thread is NOT in General Discussion) are nowhere NEAR as bad as the whiney-ass critics say they are, and the character battles are a lot more fun than... uh... the whiney-ass critics say they are. Just like the recent Godzilla game, you can get by with random button mashing, but if you KNOW HOW TO BLOCK AND SIDESTEP, you can win.


My biggest gripe is lack of XBox Live, possibly because there's waiting involved in ths game as opposed to a game like Crimson Skies where 16 people don't do any waiting at all. But I MUST play 4 people in this game to truly put it through its paces, cause this looks like a lot of fun.

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