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Syphon Filter:Omega Strain


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After playing the Demo of this game a couple of times, I'm getting pretty jazzed for it's release next month. So I thought I'd start a thread to try and get some idea of who else is going to get it and share some info.


First off here is a link to GameSpot's most recent preview of the online content.


It's co-op only, but the co-op levels seem to be really deep.


Here's an bit:

The online levels will also be quite dense in terms of the objectives. Each level will have multiple tasks that you'll be able to review by calling up a 3D map of the level you're on and cycling through the objectives. When you find one you'd like to tackle you can back out of the map, making sure the objective is highlighted, which will cause it to show up on your radar. In addition to the objectives you'll need to complete the game, Syphon Filter will also feature a secondary set of objectives that, when completed, will go towards improving your agency rating, which relates to your proficiency in a variety skills. For example, if you go through a level using a sniper rifle, you'll earn a higher rating in sniping that will eventually unlock a new weapon for you to use. You'll find a total of four ratings in each of the different proficiency rewards. As you master them by meeting their various requirements, you'll earn new weapons and moves such as the ability to use two pistols at once or to break the necks of your enemies.


One of the key elements in the online game will be coordination, as getting the best times will require players to sniff out the most efficient way to get through a level and meet its objectives. Such coordination will require more than just finding the best path through the large levels. You'll also have to settle on the best weapons to take with you. As a result you'll have to make liberal use of the PlayStation 2 headset and check in with your teammates constantly. Close communication will likely begin before you even start a level as you'll be able to talk to your teammates on the loadout screen while you pick which weapons to take into the mission.

I'll keep this topic updated with links as more information is released. So, who else is gonna get this game?? What are your thoughts? Keep them pithy. ;)


"Name and town, name and town, name and town if you wish to opine."

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We're gonna play this more than Chris wears out Clone Warz... :green:


EDIT: Sadly, I now own Clone Wars and I actully enjoyed playing it last night. That $.01 price point and Tetris being included made it a fairly safe gamble.

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Ign has a review HERE. Looks pretty good, although some of the problems they had with it concern me. Most notably, the control issues and respawning enemies. Voice chat and online interface look like they're going to take some getting used to.


I'm still all over this one though.



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I just got it. One thing I was not aware of is that this game supports 480p which is nice. I guess I'll find out later if it also supports widescreen which I doubt.


After reading the manual (That little booklet thingy that comes with the games), I think there might be a BIG pain in the ass with this game. It says that in order to start an online mission, you must have either completed the mission in single player OR have completed the previous mission online. :wtf:


If this is true, then none of us can play together until we all finish the first mission solo! That totally sucks.


However, they might only be referring to missions 2-9 which would mean the only mission you can play online at first, is mission number 1. Lets hope thats the case.


If anyone who bought this has a chance, please try to check it out. I will be sure to do so this evening, but that wont be until 9 or 9:30 tonight.





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Tried it out last night. Good news is that the first mission is available online from the get go. Signing in an getting around the lobby is actually really easy. The only weird thing is that you have to select what mission you want to play first, before you can create a room or join a session playing that mission.


I played the training mission a few times trying to complete the bonus objective: Shoot all of the targets in 45 secs. This objective, like all other bonus objectives in the game, when completed unlocks a bonus weapon for you to use during the loadout screens before missions. This game is full of these kinds of unlockables.


Controls are going to take a bit of getting used to, but they seem to be more than adequate for the job.


I'm looking forward to playing this online. :tu:



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Some impressions after going online:


This game has some definite flaws, most notably the voice. There is just no way to move and talk at the same time because you have to push and hold the up directional button in to talk. This is an XBOX Live chat Ps2 game for sure.


This in not a co-op shooter. There are MULTIPLE objectives to accomplish and the problems with this game come up when trying to figure out how to accomplish them. The bad guys are there to slow you down and get in your way.


My general thought is that you almost need to have played a mission offline AT LEAST once before going online with it.


The trouble is that as you go through a mission, you will see a notice that says PDA UPDATED. Then you need to hit the start button and go into Radio messages, and there you can listen to various communiques from your higher ups who tell you where to go and what to do next.


Allen and I agreed that it would be better if these messages were given to you with onscreen text. During the single player its fine, but during co-op, who wants to stop what you are doing and say "everyone be quiet, lets all go into our PDA's and listen to our next message".


For me, none of this is a deal killer, but it is unfortunate.

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Guest Bryan

We played the first online mission last night. Used Live chat as Jeff mentioned above. What a bonehead decision to make players use the D-pad to talk!


The right thumbstick controls a swivel camera that is similar to the Gaiden camera (very disorienting to me) and I completely ignored it. After the voice issue is solved Live-style, the game is really fun! It helps to have a quarterback who checks the PDA and refers to his strategy guide for general strategy. The weapons are pretty cool and the triangle button does neat things including autopsies.


Let me know if anyone wants to play soon!

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