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Silent Storm

General Zot

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Having been a huge X-COM fan (I still play it in a DOS window), I am starting to take notice of the Silent Storm reviews. They say it is the best thing since Jagged Alliance / X-COM, which means it deserves a look at least.


Anyone been playing SS? Is it as good as people say, or not that great? Any opinions welcomed...

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I bought the full version and have been playing it lightly for about a week.


Basically, if you are an Xcom or JA fan, you will LOVE Silent Storm. This game is turn-based squad combat taken to the next level, I absolutely love it. It is slower than molassas if yo don't care for micro-management type games, but for me I lose 3 hours like it was 10 mins. The AI is decent, the different troop types are interesting and decently balanced, and more WWII weapons than you can shake a stick at. Add in totally destructable terrain, hiding/backstabbing, sniping, grenades, and the rag doll physics and you have a winner.


If anyone longs for a good old turn based squad combat game, don't you pass up Silent Storm. Lovin it!

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I tried this one, and really wanted to like it.


What I played was a well-done game with an excellent system, and great graphics and sound, but it's just not my style I guess. I really wanted to like Fallout: Tactics as well but just couldn't get into it. For a Fallout fan that's somewhat of a sin, I'm told.

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