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EA working on Goldeneye sequel

Romier S

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Here is the report:




The publisher will unveil the new GoldenEye game at the E3 trade show in Los Angeles this May, and it's expected to be one of the key titles on the company's stand at the event - with the company's marketing division already arranging a media blitz for the game.


The new game is being developed at the EA North America studios in Redwood Shores and Los Angeles, and although EA currently has a publishing agreement with UK developer Free Radical Design, which is made up of the core team that created the critically acclaimed GoldenEye on the N64 while working at Rare, Free Radical is not thought to be working on the project.



Free Radical not involved? Thats suprising. Especially considering they just signed that publishing agreement....

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Given Free Radical's use of that bizzare aiming scheme in Timesplitters I'm not exactly upset they aren't doing it. Granted, that control scheme is similar to that in Goldeneye but they never evolved.


IMO, EA has yet to make a good Bond game. Everything or Nothing might change that as the demo is fun but it still appears to be trying to emultate too many game styles at once. I'll remain skeptical until proven otherwise.

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I like seeing that they are returning to "Goldeneye," but at the same time I am a little hesitant with Free Radical not being involved. That would seem to be a natural match, but then again, when has EA ever done what would seem to be natural. I'm the first to admit that the last few Bond games that have come out have seemed a bit underwhelming to me, so I tend to be a little hesitant to embrace a new EA Bond game, even when they invoke the name of one of the greatest N64 games.


I think I'm going to adopt my normal wait and see approach that I apply to most of EA's content.

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Goldeneye was one of those games that exemplified the term lightning in a bottle. It was the right license with the right company at the right time, with the right group of people working on it. I think it would be damn near impossilbe to capture that feeling again.


Still, we'll have to wait and see what happens. I could be proven wrong here, but it will take some convincing on EA's part to make that happen.


Thanks for the heads up, Romier.

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I had the opportunity to play this 2 weeks ago in unpolished form.


While the weapons were fun in an over-the-top way the game looked really bad. The frame rate was fine but many of the graphical assets were rendered with few polygons and sporadically textured. I got the impression the development team was trying to bring some of the graphical roots of the N64 game into this update. Some elements were drawn with the texturing expected from today's games while others looked right out of the N64. If that's what they were attempting I guess I can understand but the end result just looked like a poor asthetic mix between old and new. Gameplay was OK but, like EA's other Bond games, seemed to be based on too many scripted events. I wasn't impressed in the slightest.


Still, it was a work in progress and it was only one level. Maybe the final product will be different.

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