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Your all time favorite Xbox game!

Guest Jay

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In your opinion what is your favorite X-box game of all time? The system has been out for some time now and their has been some hot games out there! So if you play a lot of genres, list the games that you think were the best thats been out so far (include the demos that have come out thus far). Include best LIVE game! So this is my list:


Horror: The Suffering (DEMO)

Action: Grand Theft Auto (Bundle Pack..... SCARFACE RULES! :green:)

Racing: Need For Speed Underground

FPS: Rainbow Six 3

Strategy: Splinter Cell

LIVE: XIII (Just because I was on the top 50... :green:)

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Wow. It's pretty pitiful that the whole genre on Xbox is eclipsed by a demo. :)

The Suffering demo is a lot of fun though. I'm usually not a fan of horror games but this one did it for me.


The Suffering was the first game in years.... Well, since Silent Hill 1 and "D", that has actually scared the hell out of me! So if the demo was able to do that, I could only begin to imagine what the full game would be like! For the record that damn old man in "D" use to scare me when he would say: "Laura... I'm coming for you!!!" I was a kid then :lol:... LOL, dad can tell you about that one if he remembers (Angel Pagan A.K.A. The Evil Empire). But now that i'm on the topic, has anyone been to a part of the demo in which their is a lever and you can electricute a guy in the other room? Well to the right side of that room their is a camera, and one time I had switched the camera and I was looking through the camera from the room that i'm in, next thing you know a damn monster was behind me... It scared me half to death!!! :shock: has it happen to anyone else befor? If so what was your reaction?

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Keeping with the Suffering discussion (maybe it needs it's own thread), I happened to play the demo last night & I enjoyed it too. The video monitor thing...yeah that was spooky. Quite a few good creepy/scary moments-the demo is tightly packed with freaky stuff.


Nasty enemies, voices in your head, excessive profanity...I'm looking forward to it! :twisted:

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As of this date(2-13-04), its hands down without a doubt Rainbow Six 3. I've had so much fun with that game nothing else comes close.


2nd place goes to Halo

3rd is a tie between PGR2 and KOTOR


When Halo 2 comes out, it just might change. Then it'll probably change when Rainbow Six 4 comes out .... and so on, and so on... :green:



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1) Halo - by a long shot. The story was the best out of any FPS I've ever played with Half-Life coming a close second. And multiplayer ate up countless hours of my life.

2) SoulCalibur II - Yeah, I'm partial to this, what can I say...

3) Panzer Dragoon Orta - Wins on style points alone

4) Otogi: Myth of Demons - Worth keeping just for the sake of going around obliterating everything I see

5) Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 - Come on! Bam Margera's in it!!!

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Has to be Halo, 16 player Lan play at ballmeats house was stuff of legends. Nothing will ever beat the visual of looking down from the cliff on the big snow board(somehow right now I can't remember its name) watching three guys in a warthog blaze by holding the flag. This was right after Ballmeats says to me "I wonder if you can still see the flag when guys are in the trucks"

Online however, prob RB6, although Counterstrike is very close.

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