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Sony's Next Gen Online Plans


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I am really interested in what Sony has planned for the PS3's online component. PS2 online has been relatively successful, big companies like EA, Neversoft, and Sega like their online implementation, and it is easier for Sony to push the infrastructure building on the publishers. So Sony mignt not do anything at all, just continue with the same model. What do you think?


Or might they try to create a unified platform like XBlive? What do you all think they will do? What do you all think is best? Personally, I'd like to see them go the Xblive route if for no other reason to force EA to play ball nicely.

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I think all of this could be built into the PS3 OS. An AIM-like application with a friends list is really all you need. In review, I believe Microsoft is getting away with a lot by charging for the Live service, especially since they really don't provide servers for the games themselves.

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