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HDTV and Next Gen Consoles


Will all games be in 1080i on PS3 and XB2?  

  1. 1. Will all games be in 1080i on PS3 and XB2?

    • Yes - it is about time!
    • Mostly - like how on Xbox games are usually 480p
    • No - Market still too small

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Everybody duck - it's another Keith Poll!! :green:


My thought is that the level of HD support in the next gen systems will be better than the present options, but not at the level of general acceptance that HD will have in 2006. The specs and components for the new systems will have to be finalized at some point in the near future, which will still precede mainstream adoption of HD by the masses. Hope I'm wrong!

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I voted "Mostly" as I think at least progressive scan will be fairly standard (though by no means universal) and it sounds like Xbox Next is going for Hi-Def. BUT, while this is important to us and those like us, I don't think it means squat (and might even be a negative) for the vast majority of consumers.

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I had to side with 'mostly'... When a market as large as Europe doesn't even have HDTV broadcasts of any kind with no plans to officialy introduce HDTV over the next few years, and few top end Euro TVs beind able to do anything more than PAL Prgoressive, I can't say it'd be something any of the console producers will see as a 100% must have.


Generally I think the next generation of consoles will see the situation we have with the X-box right now, where the vast majority of titles support progressive scan leaving it up to the developer whether they introduce titles at higher HD resolutions.



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