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Space Hulk

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Can't tell you too much Jay, but I believe the PC version was the most highly rated of the Hulk titles and was lauded because it had squad-based play (you watched/moved via four screens, one for each person) and was rippingly stupid-hard.


That's what I know, I just like replying to things :P.

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It was a pretty sweet conversion for the 3DO. One of the best games ever on the system.


The graphics , sound and atmosphere were truly top notch. EA really did the system justice.


Radio chatter on the 3DO version was some of the best I've heard to date. Even including the might Halo! It was very context specific. If nothing was happening, you'd hear your team talking on the intercom about how all was quiet, everyone keep alert...yadda yadda yadda. As soon as a "genestealer" would come after someone, you'd hear the correct voice for that character saying some frantic shit, then everyone else would chime in.


It was all really pretty cool! Honestly, it REALLY made it sound like you were on a team.


When you'd select a teammate to give him an order, he'd say his proper name, then he'd acknowledge the order. Everyone had their own voice. Said their own shit with their own accents.


...and the game was as friggin' stupid hard as the pc version. Truly the only game that I can think of that I gave up on and said, "okay, you win...bitch". You just didn't have 4 separate windows to look at like on the pc. You only had your main fps view. You could jump into other teammates views but, that was only if you were'nt playing the campaign. You had to go into this mode called "The Vigil" which was single levels that you could play from the pc version.


I do remember after really nasty firefights, the amount of gore left behind rivaled games of today. There would be blood/entrails up the walls and literally piles of..."stuff"...on the floors. And it DIDN'T slowly fade and vanish. It stayed for the entire level. Sweet!


The worst part about the fighting was when a genestealer got right in your face. No more guns, you're now going hand-to-hand. It was very difficult to win. The timing was really sloppy and, all it took was one stinking hit from your enemy and you're dead.


What the hell? I thought I was wearing some seriously thick battle armor? If a genestealer was able to get behind either you or one of your boys, it's all over. They're dead.


Pretty much, the game broke down into figuring out how the hell to get your team across a claustrophobic, maze like map, all the while setting up lines forward lines of fire, rear lines of fire, then moving the whole mess across the map. You seriously COULD NOT afford to let 1 stinking enemy get behind just one of your guys setting down a suppression line. If it happened, you'd watch a couple hours of work dissolve in minutes. Damn did that suck...


Anyhoo...don't for a minute pass up on the 3DO version, if you're really wanting to try this game. It's superior to the pc version. And, if you're wanting a real challenge...heh heh...this is it.


Give it a spin!!!!

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