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Unreal 2- Tonight at 9 pm EST


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Scott, you already know I've got it.


I know, Chris. You were one of the four I was referring to :)


How does it stack it up against R63?


Well, they both use the Unreal engine, so you're guaranteed not to see Kelley playing ;)


In all seriousness, both games require you to use team work to be successful and that's why I enjoy them. Unreal is not a sim like R63, so this is where they are total opposites. You've got jetpacks, vehicles, turrets, etc., all that you can use in an effort to win the match. The matches that a few of us played the other night were a ton of fun and aside from a few minor disappointments (no lobby chat and long load times) I'm very happy with my purchase.

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Sounds like a fun game. I didn't know it was different from the deathmatch run and gun style of the 1st Unreal game. Given the fact that it has vehicles, I'm assuming the pace of the game is a bit slower, I hope.


I'd like to get it but the Steel Bat. purchase really put a big dent in my gaming budget. Also, I just droped a boat load on Limited Edition LOTR ROTK Anduril the Sword of King Elessar prop replica.

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