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Gaming's Hottest Couples


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I'd have put Rosa & Cecil there for sure. I mean, Cecil puts himself through the ringer just to save her and all, which has gotta count for something.


And where are Link & Zelda? Sure their relationship is only hinted at, but these are two people who find themselves together lifetime after lifetime. That has to suggest something ;).


I second the Guybrush & Elaine and would have tossed in George & Nico from the Broken Sword series too. But I'm a computery guy :P.

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While you guys are at it, wont you guys put LEON BELMONT & SARA TRANTOUL (Castlevania Lament Of Innocene). I hate to do it but... :evil: TIDUS :evil: & YUNA (FF X)..... That name gave me chills! It's possible to put in JILL VALENTINE & CHRIS REDFIELD (R.E.) isn't it?! Since the game started Jill was all worried about him!

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