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Open feelings about LCVG


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When I first came to the board, my username was an URL. Shortly after that I got a PM telling me that I need to change it because the community decided that URL's in a username.


As I post here, I see no basing other people's comments, mature people posting creative and great post, and a nice feeling of a close knitted community.


This is the first forum where I actually felt welcomed when I first joined. People are nice, they aren't always locking things (a la teamxbox) and I just wanted to tell you guys that.


Ofcourse, not as many post here as they do in teamxbox, but I find myself posting hardly at teamxbox like I used to because of the maturity level there.



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Since its too early for most of the other mod's to wake up :-) Ill say thanks for your comments. It means a lot to us that everyone here has fun. From the start this places main goal was to do just what you said. To have a place for Mature gamers to chat about something they love. I know the owners and all the mods intend to keep it that way and appreciate your comments




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Hey, thanks for the kind comments! I'm sure the owners and the rest of the staff appreciate them.


We work hard to balance quite a few things here (like finding the right balance between mature discussion and immature fun) and it's great to hear from people who think we're achieving that balance.


I think we do have a close-knit feel, but it will be a challenge to maintain it as we get more members (especially after the main site goes live).


We're really counting on members like you to help us meet that challenge in the coming days -- and I really believe our members are doing an amazing job in helping build a community we all want to be a part of.


Thanks again! Oh, and I'm moving this to Site Feedback. :P;)



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